Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,420 sheep comprising 2,093 spring lambs and 2,327 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown Mart on Thursday 18th July 2024.

A mixed offering of cast cows forward, although all classes remain in demand with more numbers sought after on a weekly basis to fulfil demand. The sale topped at £1,499 and £1,406 for Angus cows shown by TN Cavers & Co., Sorbie, Langholm with Shorthorns to £1,274 from A Roskell & Partners, Laverhay, Moffat. Top per kilo of 184p and 178p from Sorbie, with Shorthorns to 182p from Laverhay and Friesians sold to 168p from J Pirie & Sons Ltd, Machrihanish, Campbeltown.

A larger show of 2,093 spring lambs forward, selling to an increased ring of purchasers ensuring all classes were competitively bid for. Well fed heavier weighted lambs again proved the call of the day, proving short of purchaser requirements. Many more can be sold to vendor advantage and numbers are required on a weekly basis  

Top per head of £200 for Texel lambs shown by N Retson & Co., Maidencots, Abington who also topped the price per kilo of 384p.

Overall average of 309.8p (SQQ 307.1p)


Texel 384p, 380p Maidencots, 350p Staffler, 342p Maidencots, The Land & Guardsmill.  

Beltex 367p, 357p Hardriding, 344p The Land, 343p Hardriding. 

Suffolk 334p Guardsmill, 332p Wiza, 328p High Cattadale, 327p Carsegowan & Drinkstone.

Dutch Spotted 315p Rest Cottage.

Charollais 313p Newtown. 

Cheviot Mule 305p Breckon Hill.  

Cheviot 300p Catslackburn.    


Texel £200 Maidencots, £183, £176 Wood, £175 Maidencots, £174 Machrihanish.  

Suffolk £167 Guardsmill, £164 Wood, £162 High Cattadale.  

Beltex £162 The Land, £154, £150 Hardriding, £144, £140 High Greenhill.   

Dutch Spotted £142 Rest Cottage.

Charollais £138 Newtown.

Half-bred £137 Earlside.

A smaller show of 2,327 ewes were forward easily maintaining last week’s high rates of return. More required to meet a high purchaser enquiry here at Longtown. An abundance of ewes breaching £220.

The sale topped at £300 for a whopper of a Texel ewe shown by N Retson & Co., Maidencots, Abington and another as big as a ship from RJ McCrone, Pasturewood, Carlisle.

Light ewes sold very well indeed topping at £138 for Blackfaces from Upperburnmouth Partnership, Upperburnmouth, Newcastleton with Easycare ewes selling to £120 from B & SM Rutherford, Pilmore, Durham.

Rams to £225 for Charollais from Beckfoot.   

All classes of primestock are wanted here at Longtown on a weekly basis to satisfy an ever-growing demand. Primestock travel from all four corners of the United Kingdom to take advantage of the 19 active, competitive purchasers who operate on a weekly basis providing a very transparent and competitive marketplace here at Longtown. Haulage can be arranged easily and efficiently, so please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers who will be pleased to take your calls and assist you and your business in any way possible.

John Walton 07880 527 066

Daniel Lynn 07584 200 489

Sam Hogg 07584 207 323

Norman Douglas 07786 366 833

Helen Rickard 07741 313 029


Texel £300 Maidencots & Pasturewood, £260 Ellerslea, £255 Beckfoot, £250 Kirkhouse.  

Suffolk £220 Kilfillan, £188 Ellerslea, £180 Intake, £180, £178 Thornington.      

Cheviot Mule £195 Lockerbie House.

Beltex £192 Carrawbrough, £180 Kirkhouse.

Blue Texel £192 Chaseside.  

North Country Cheviot £180 Kirkhouse.

Charollais £178 Beckfoot, £175 Shandford, £168 Chaseside, £165 Beckfoot.     

Roussin £176 Baryerrock.   

Mule £159 Kilfillan, £152 Lockerbie House & Springfield Farm Court, £150 Baryerrock, £148 Staffler.

Bluefaced Leicester £150 Newbiggin, £149 Raggetsyke, £140 Newbiggin.


Blackface £138 Upperburnmouth, £104 Ingleston, £98 Rhoin.

Easycare £120 Pilmore, £118 Peddar Hill.  

Jacob £120 Rhoin.

Cheviot £117 Allfornaught, £112 Milnholm £101 Granton, £100 Knock & Catslackburn.

Swaledale £90 Marygate, £82 Newbiggin & Spoutbank, £80 Knarr.


Charollais £225 Beckfoot.

Texel £195 Hallburn.

Bluefaced Leicester £190 Newbiggin, £170 Saulmore.

Cheviot £145 Granton.  

Beltex £145 Beckfoot.

Swaledale £138 Marygate. 

Suffolk £130 Sheep Fields.

Blackface £122 Merkland, £118 The Homestead.   

North Country Cheviot £120 Larkhall.


Light to           306.0p (296.8p)
Standard to      331.0p (302.5p)
Medium to      367.0p (308.5p)
Heavy to         384.0p (317.9p)
Overweight to 317.0p (306.1p)

Light to           £138.00 (£75.80) 
Heavy to         £300.00 (£138.42)

Rams to           £225.00 (£126.60)


corresponding week 2023 sale report