Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,676 comprising of 3,884 prime hoggs and 2,792 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown Mart on Thursday 18th April 2024.

Cast cows again met a competitive trade for all classes, which consisted of mainly feeding types. More numbers are required on a weekly basis to satisfy buyer demand. The sale topped at 216p and 196p for Simmental cows from Dunach Estate, Oban with Whitebred Shorthorns selling to 186p from G Bell & Co., Bloch, Langholm and 180p from M Welter, Kernal Rigg, Roweltown. Top per head of £1,206 for Whitebreds from Kernal Rigg, £1,195 and £1,188 for Simmentals from Glenonan and Limousins to £1,179 from Shankbridge End Farm.

A similar show of 3,884 hoggs were forward to the same ring of purchasers ensuring all classes were well bid for. Good meated commercial export hoggs continued to trade over 400ppk.

Well finished fed hoggs continue to see similar returns albeit meeting some slight resistance, being in front of other centres on the same day. Numbers are continuously sought after for the coming weeks trading.     

Top per kilo of 467p for Beltex shown by MJ Lawson, Pasture House, Wigton. Top per head of £300 for Texels from H Cockburn & Partners, Kingside, Peebles.

All classes of well finished hoggs are wanted here at Longtown on a weekly basis to satisfy an ever-growing demand. Prime stock travel from all four corners of the United Kingdom to take advantage of the 19 active, competitive purchasers who operate on a weekly basis providing a very transparent and competitive market place here at Longtown. Haulage can be arranged easily and efficiently, so please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers who will be pleased to take your calls and assist you and your business in any way possible.

Overall average 386.5p (SQQ 389.8p)


Beltex 468p Pasture House, 454p Heathery Hall, 446p Hillside, 442p Nether Overhill, 440p Hillside.

Dutch Texel 439p Rowanburnfoot.

Texel 434p Nether Overhill, 433p West Hillhead, 428p Sykehead & Gillalees, 427p Westernhopeburn.

Cheviot 431p West Scales, 426p Brackley, 422p Creca Hall, 418p Balure, Shethin & Yett.  

Cheviot Mule 428p Kingside.

Suffolk 425p Slamptonhill, 421p Balliemore, 415p Shethin & Outertown.  

Charollais 413p Sykehead.

Mule 410p Hillside, 404p Westernhopeburn, 397p Sykehead, 393p Westernhopeburn, 390p Muirfield House.

North Country Cheviot 410p Aucharua, 394p Clackmae. 

Blackface 408p Yett, 407p Kingside, 406p Ormsary, 400p Westernhopeburn & Muirfield House.

Herdwick 402p Greenburn. 

Dutch Spotted 389p Hillside.

Swaledale 370p Cockley Beck, 357p Westernhopeburn, 355p Marygate.  


Texel £300 Kingside, £260 Saulmore, £234, £232 Viewley, £232 Kilnhill, £230 Viewley & Burnside.  

Beltex £255 Hardriding, £250 Hillside, £242 Crosshow, £238 Hillside, £234 Broomhills, £232 Kilnhill.

Suffolk £222 Viewley, £220 Bowhill, £208 Broomhills, £202 Clackmae, £200 West Newlands & Rigfoot.  

Mule £220 Sykehead, £208 Overton of Knaven, £206 Broomhills, £200 Corsecon.        

Cheviot £216 Becks, £200 Springwells, £196 Windhoek & Kirkton, £194, £192 West Scales.  

North Country Cheviot £200 Haresteads, £196 Catslackburn, £195 Aucharua.  

Dutch Texel £200 Rowanburnfoot.   

Blackface £192 Highgate, £188 Peela Hill, £185 Saulmore, £184 Yett, £181 Longburgh Fauld.

Cheviot Mule £189 Westernhopeburn & Springwells.

Charollais £182 Sykehead.   

Herdwick £181 Greenburn. 

Swaledale £174 Cockley Beck.

A larger show of 2,792 ewes were forward selling to similar high rates of return with lightweight hill bred ewes taking another rise. Many more can be sold to vendor advantage as numbers tighten nationally, trade is set to continue with no let up. Early entries are appreciated and for all further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team as listed below.   

The sale topped at £305 for Texel ewes from BS Forrester, Green Hill Head.  

Hill ewes sold to £158 for Blackfaces from W & PF Walton, Penpeugh, Bardon Mill.

Rams topped at £240 for Texels from Hindmarsh Partners, Blakehopeburnhaugh and from G & CE Edminson, Middle Farm, Carlisle with Charollais to £240 from Hyde Park.  

John Walton 07880 527 066 (Prime Sheep Auctioneer)

Daniel Lynn 07584 200 489 (Prime Sheep Auctioneer)

Sam Hogg 07584 207 323 (Prime Cattle and Cast Cow Auctioneer)

Norman Douglas 07786 366 833 (Fields Person)

Helen Rickard 07741 313 029 (Fields Person)


Texel £305 Green Hill Head, £285 Hillhead & Lowfield, £275 Hillhead, £255 Sunnycroft & Shethin, £250 Linnhead & Braehead.    

Suffolk £238 Tercrosset, £215 Sunnycroft, £212 Nether Overhill, £200 Clackmae & Beckfoot.  

Beltex £230 Hillside, £220 Finnieness, £215 Park Nook, £210 Hardriding, £200 Crosshow.

Charollais £222 Viewley, £220 Beckfoot.

Blue Texel £198 Tercrosset, £190, £188 Hyde Park.

Bluefaced Leicester £192 Mains of Collin, £180 Finniness, £175 Shethin & Nether Overhill. 

Cheviot Mule £185 Nether Overhill, £168 Auchlin, £160 Clackmae.   

North Country Cheviot £178 Dodgsonstown & Nether Overhill, £175, £170 Hyde Park.

Mule £172 Overton of Knaven, £158 Beckfoot & Tetcott, £155 Pasture House, £154, £150 Tetcott, £150 Swallowdene, Broomhills & Mains of Collin.  


Blackface £158 Penpeugh, £150 Peela Hill, £147, £146 Mains of Collin, £146 Beckfoot & Lowfield.

Jacob £152 Hillside.  

Goat £148 Heatherglen.

Cheviot £145 Nether Albie, £142 Lowfield, £140 Becks, £138 Tetcott, Balure & Catslackburn, £135 Milnholm.  

Easycare £142 Lowfield.

Kerry Hill £138 Coxhill.  

Herdwick £132 Braehead.       

Swaledale £128 Nether Overhill & The Flatt, £118 Nunscleugh & West Newlands, £116 Kildalloig.       


Texel £240, £225 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £240 Middle, £225 Beckfoot, £220 Clackmae.

Charollais £240 Hyde Park, £228 Viewley.

Suffolk £220, £195 Clackmae.

Beltex £235 Middle, £220 Mains of Collin. 

Bluefaced Leicester £205 Clackmae, £200 West Newlands.

North Country Cheviot £185 West Newlands, £172 North Synton, £170 Hyde Park.

Millenium Blue £180 Inch. 

Cheviot £145 Clackmae & Coxhill, £140 High Dovecote.         

Blue Texel £140 Burnstones.  


Light to           418.0p (334.2p)
Standard to      428.0p (382.8p)
Medium to      454.0p (396.7p)
Heavy to         468.0p (380.2p)

Light to           £158.00 (£103.19) 
Heavy to         £285.00 (£154.99)

Rams to           £240.00 (£144.93)


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