Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 5,808 store lambs and feeding at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 5th December 2023.

With plenty of buyers, both local and distant and a larger show of lambs on the week, trade was strong throughout the sale, last weeks high rates maintained.

Top £124 for Beltex from Dormansteads; Texels to £123 from Priesthaugh, £121 Bayldon, £119 Springwells; Suffolks to £110 Edgerston Trading, £108 Hallrule Mill, £103 Red Gap; Charollais to £115 Monk Farm; Cheviot Mules to £100 Dormansteads, £99 Annandale Estates, £96 Springwells & Archbank; Lleyns to £97 Harwood House; Greyfaces to £115 Dalmore, £113 Craig Farming, £100 The Mains; Hampshires to £91 Aar-Dar; Jacobs to £70 Old Chapel; Kendal Roughs to £80 Church View; Kerry Hills to £78 Crailloch; Swaledales to £54 Laverhay.

Feeding ewes (744) dearer on the week. Top £130 for Texels from Isle of Man; Suffolks to £102 Isle of Man; Cheviot Mules to £78 Auchencovie; Greyfaces to £74 Dalmore. Hill ewes to £97 for Cheviots from Barquillean, £94 Kingside; Blackfaces to £71 Isle of Man, £70 Garvachy; Herdwicks to £50 Isle of Man; Swaledales to £42 Isle of Man. Cast rams to £124 for Texels from Poltalloch Farms, £120 Towsbank; Leicesters to £120 Kingside; Suffolks to £72 Low Greenleycleugh; Blackfaces to £70 Isle of Man.

Cheviot lambs (1,330) strong lambs very dear. Top £112 for Hill Northies from Gillesbie Farms, £97 Earlside & The Parks, £94 Half Mark, £91 Hownam Grange. Hill Cheviots to £101 from Blackburn, £96 Solwaybank, £90 Priesthaugh.

Blackfaces (1,377) still in very strong demand. Top £92 from Skelfhill, £89 Granton , £87 Craig Farming, £84 Newton Cottages.