Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 7th January 2015.

25 Prime Cattle – Trade firmer for a poor offering forward. Buyers requiring all classes of cattle.

Heifers to 233.5p per kilo  ave 213.9p  to £1350.50
Bullocks to 226.5p per kilo  ave 209.9p to £1325.03

Heifers Limousin to 233.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to R Johnstone & Sons, Butchers Annan, 230.5p Dinnans, Whithorn to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie.

British Blue to 230.5p from J & J Campbell, Dinnans to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie, 228.5p from Dinnans, Whithorn to Border Meats, Lockerbie. Charolais to 227.5p from Hillhead, Chapelknowe to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie.

Bullocks Limousin to 226.5p from Kenmuir, Ardwall to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie, 220.5p (x2) From Kenmuir Farmers to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie & J Scott Meats Ltd Paisley.

100 OTM Cattle – Buyers actively seeking cattle with trade bouyant for all types.

Dairy to 151p per kilo  ave 88.9p  to £1085.85
Beef to 149p per kilo ave 123.2p  to £1148.00

Prices per Head

Angus to £1148, £910 Raeburnhead, £951.75, £943.80 Riggheads

Holstein Friesian to £1085.85, £936.65 Barndennoch, £988.20 Rue, £917.40 Dinwoodie Green, £913.55 Lakehead

Limousin to £1022.45 Newfield, £986.40, £946.15 Nisbet, £921.60 Meikle Barncleugh, £917 Marwhirn

Simmental to £1022.25 Cormaddie, £924.75 Meikle Barncleugh

British Blue to £958.10 Cormaddie

Prices Per Kilo

Holstein Friesian to 151p Lakehead, 132p, 123p Dinwoodie Green, 131p, 127p, 122p Barndennoch, 122p Rue, 121p Burnside of Baltersan, 121p Millisle, 118p Smallholmburn

Limousin to 149p, 137p Nisbet, 144p Meikle Barncleugh, 143p Newfield, 141p, 137p Bush Of Craigs, 131p Marwhirn

British Blue to 143p Cormaddie

Simmental to 141p Cormaddie, 135p Meikle Barncleugh

Angus to 140p, 130p Raeburnhead, 135p Riggheads

Galloway to 119p Bonshawside

1408 Prime Sheep forward

923 Lambs to 214p per kilo  ave 193p to £104.5. All classes firmer.

Texel Hoggs to £104.50 Nether Laggan

229 Hoggs (32.1-39Kg) ave 197p to 212p Skipmyre

NCC to £80.80 Archwood

Texel to £77.20 Archwood, £76.80 Skipmyre

Suffolk to £74 East Polquirter

Blackface to £73 Kerricks, £72.50 Corsencon

Mule to £67 Archwood, £67 Horsecrook

502 Hoggs (39.1-45Kg) ave 191.7p to 214p Halldykes

Texel to £92, £86.50 Halldykes, £89.80, £86.20 Crairieknowe, £88 Skipmyre, £87.50 Meikleholm, £87 Meikleholm

Cheviot to £86 Newbigging

Suffolk to £85.20 Marwhirn, £84.50 Martingirth, £82 Shawhill

Mule to £76 Hillbank, £74 Marwhirn, £73.50 Corsencon

192 Hoggs (46Kg+) ave 168.6p to 180p Meikleholm

Texel to £104.50 Nether Laggan, £90, £85.50 (x2) Meikleholm, £85 Halldykes

Mule to £80 Hillhead, £77 Fardingjames

Blackface to £78 Craigdarroch

Per Kilo

Hoggs 32.1-39Kg

Texel to 212p Skipmyre

NCC to 207p Archwood

Suffolk to 195p Springfieldhill

Blackface to 194p Kirkton

Mule to 191p Archwood

Hoggs 39.1-45.5Kg

Texel to 214p Halldykes

Suffolk to 205p Shawhill

Cheviot to 205p Newbigging

Mule to 178p East Polquhirter

Hoggs 46Kg+

Suffolk to 180p Shawhill

Texel to 180p Meiklehom

485 Cast Ewes & Rams forward. Trade exceptionally dear for all classes with Texel Ewes from Newmains, Shawhead at £160 (Centre Record).

Heavy Ewes averaged £89.94

Texel to £160, £145 Newmains, £140, £133 Bush of Craigs, £134 Skipmyre

Suffolk to £146 Meikleholm

Leicester to £146 Fardingjames, £121 Marr

Half Bred to £124 Cushag

Mule to £114 Cushag, £106 Townhead, £104 Skipmyre, £104 Martingirth, £103 Third, £101 Kirkbride, £100 Newmains, £99 Cowans

Beltex to £112 Airds of Balcary

Charolais to £103 Airds of Balcary

Light Ewes averaged £72.99

Lleyn to £113 Hall

Cheviot to £105 Nether Stenries

Blackface to £79 Kenmure, £78 Hall, £72Fardingjames

Rams averaged £122.38

Leicester to £146 Fardingjames

Texel to £140 Bush of Craigs

Beltex to £112 Airds of Balcary

Roussin to £103 Airds of Balcary

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