Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 14th January 2015.

18 Prime Cattle – Trade remains firm for all classes. Buyers continue to seek greater numbers weekly.

Heifers Limousin to 237.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to R Johnstone & Sons, Butchers Annan, 232.5p from High Glen Triplock, Mochrum to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie, 230p from JA Wallace & Sons, High Glen Triplock to J Hall & Sons Butchers Kirkcudbright.

109 OTM Cattle – A Larger proportion of leaner dairy cattle forward. Trade remains good.

Per Head

Blonde to £1237.10 Foregirth

Simmental to £1228.40, £1210.30 Newbie Mains, “946.15 Cormaddie

Devon to £1198.05, £1002.15 Greenwrae

Holstein Friesian to £1105 Mortonholme, £1015.65 Conheath, £979.20 Newhouse, £952.15 Drum, £925.75 Mouswald Banks

Limousin to £1067.65 Harwood, £986.40 Drumhumphrey

British Blue to £966 Whitehill

Angus to £952 Harwood, £910 Third

Bulls Holstein Friesian to £1076.25 Boreland; Angus to £1086.75 Thwaite

Per Kilo

Simmental to 148p, 133p Newbie Mains, 127p Cormaddie

Devon to 147p Greenwrae

Blonde to 139p Foregirth

Limousin to 139p Cormaddie, 137p Drumhumphrey, 131p Mosshead, 131p Harwood

British Blue to 140p Whitehill

Holstein Friesian to 137p Drum, 130p, 129p Mortonholm, 128p Newhouse, 125p Slacks, 123p Dinwoodie Green

Angus to 137p Drumcruilton, 130p Third

Fleckvieh to 123p Slacks

Bulls Holstein Friesian to 107p Fingland; Angus to 115p Thwaite

1092 Prime Sheep Forward

855 Prime Hoggs – Trade firmer for a mixier show. Numbers short of requirements. Sale average 192.7p

300 (32.1-39Kg) ave 192.6p to 216p Sunnyhill

Texel to £81.50 Dunesslin, £79.50 Shangan, £79.50 Ballinnie

Charollais to £76 Newbigging

Mule to £74.80 Over Abington

Suffolk to £72 Maxwelltown

Blackface to £70 Inglestone

452 (39.1-45.5Kg) ave 192.8p to 221p Newmains

Texel to £95 Newmains, £85.50 West Skelston, £85.50 Holmhead, £85 Millriggs, £84.50 Shancastle, £84.50 Gillenbie

Suffolk to £87 Millriggs

Beltex to £80 Barony

Mule to £77 Riggheads

Blackface to £75.50 Low Garleffan

93 (46Kg+) ave 166p to 186p Hillhead

Texel to £90.50 Nether Garrel, £90 Dempsterton, £88.50 (x2) West Crossleys, £88 Halldykes

Suffolk to £88.50 Riggheads

Mule to £77.50 (x2) Dempsterton

137 Cast Ewes & Rams forward – all classes continue to be in big demand

Heavy Ewes averaged £105.24

Texel to £128.50, £113.50 North Cowshaw, £117.50 Riggheads, £114.50 Shangan, £111.50 Copewood

Charollais to £131.50 Riggheads

Suffolk to £124.50, £122.50 Sunnyhill

Half Bred to £105.50 Drumcork

Mule to £102.50 Halldykes, £96.50 Shangan, £95.50 Round Fell, £94.50 Backburn

Leicester to £98.50 Dalpeddar

Zwartble to £94.50 Rigghaeds

Light Ewes averaged £73.20

Cheviot to £104.50 West Crossleys

Lleyn to £92.50 Dollard

Blackface to £83.50 Maxwelltown

Rams averaged £99.38

Suffolk to £137.50 Larglea, £112.50 North Cowshaw

Charollais to £116.50 Shangan, £107.50 Rigghead

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