Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

79 Prime & OTM Cattle Forward

Small show of Prime cattle met a good selling trade to a top of 218ppk for Limousin Heifer from M/S R Neill, Upper Tinwald.

Top prices

Limousin Heifers to 218p (x2) from M/S R Neill, Upper Tinwald to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan also J Hall & Sons Butchers Kirkcudbright.

A Smaller show of cows was forward to the usual ringside of buyers with a very good quality show of beef cows forward. Trade would be sharper on the week with plainer cows looking dear in comparison. Many more could have been sold to advantage.

Sale topped at 131p/kg from Druidhall and to £985.60 from Dalmakethar.

Top Prices (per kg)...

Simmental to 135p, 115p (x2) Dalhanna, 118p Kirkton of Crawford.

Angus to 131p, 117p (x2) Druidhall, 115p Dalhanna.

Limousin to 130p Crawthat.

Shorthorn to 128p Gillesbie House.

Limousin to 128p Tregallon, 126p,123p, 122p Merrick, 125p Dalmakethar, 122p, 120p Crawthat.

Charolais to 128p Dalmakethar.

Saler to 125p Overcairn, 116p, 110pGillesbie, 111p Merrick.

Holstein Friesian to 118p, 114p, 110p Slacks, 107p Kerricks.

Fleckvieh to 112p Slacks.


Limousin to 108p The Bush.

Angus to 108p Slacks.

Top Prices (per head)...

Charolais to £985.60 Dalmakethar.

Limousin to £978 Crawthat, £963.80, £863.10 Merrick, £912.50 Dalmakethar, £851.20 Tregallon.

Holstein to £975.20, £967.60, £911.60 Slacks.

Saler to £956.25 Dalhanna, £846.80 Gillesbie, £810.30 Merrick.

Limousin to £923 Crawthat.

Shorthorn to £896 Gillesbie.

Simmental £879.10 Kirkton of Crawford, £816.75 Dalhanna.

Angus to £877.70, £842.40 Druidhall.


Limousin to £1085.40 The Bush.

Angus to £950.40 Slacks.

A Similar show of hoggs forward to the usual ringside of buyers with all classes short of requirements. 706 forward. Sale was topped at £90 for Texels from David Graham, Hillhead and to 224ppk from Messrs Kirkpatrick, Barr.

22 Hoggs (25.5-32Kg) ave 158.3p to 170p Dressertland

Blackface to £51 Dressertland

Suffolk to £50 Merrick

Cheviot to £50 Marwhirn

356 Hoggs (32.1-39Kg) ave 181.9p to 224p Barr

Texel to £83.50 Cocklicks, £83 Barr, £82.50 Archwood

Beltex to £70 Inamay

Suffolk to £68 Merrick, £66 Shawhill

Cheviot to £66 Archwood, £66 Over Cairn

Blackface to £57 Barr

237 Hoggs (39.1-45.5Kg) ave 181.7p to 211p Upper Tinwald

Beltex to £90 Hillhead, £86.50 Upper Tinwald

Texel to £87.50 Nether Garrel, £86 Upper Tinwald, £85.50 Hillhead, £85.50 Old Mosside, £85 West Skelston

Suffolk to £79.50 Riggheads, £74 Palaceknowe

Chev Mule to £72, £70 Marwhirn

Mule to £67 Shawhill

Charollais to £65 Upper Senwick

91 Hoggs (46Kg+) ave 167.8p to 188p West Skelston

Texel to £90 Hillhead, £89 Dressertland, £88.50 Nether Garrel, £88.50 Kenmure, £88.50 West Skelston

Suffolk to £86 Cushag, £84, £82 Kenmure, £82 Shawhill, £82 Merrick

Blackface to £70 Marbrack

476 cast ewes and rams were forward. Cast ewes were £7-10 dearer on the week with texels ewes from Barnbackle at £136.

Top Prices...

Texel to £136, £101 Barnbackle, £127 Over Abington, £126 Chapel.

Beltex to £97, £75 Inamay, £75 Upper Senwick.

Suffolk to £93.50 Merrick, £86 Nether Cargen, £84.50 Philgown.

Blue Leicester to £91 Glenlaugh.

Half-Bred to £84 Nether Cargen.

Cross to £78 Kirkhill, £78 Capelfoot, £77.50 Drumburn.

NC Cheviot to £76.50 Woodfoot, £76 Archwood.

Cheviot to £76.50 Castlehill, £74 Archwood, £70 Barnbarroch, £69 Marwhirn.

Blackface to £65 Kenmure, £63 Barr, £60.50 Shangan.


Suffolk to £97 Merrick.

Beltex to £95.50 Maulscastle.

Texel to £90 Castlehill.

Blackface to £70 Glenlaugh.

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