Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 17th February 2016.

99 Cattle forward.

25 Prime Cattle... Best types in short supply. Trade steady.

One Limousin heifer 214.50p/kg from J&N Beattie, Woodfield to Johnstone & Sons Butchers, Annan.

One Limousin heifer 212.50p/kg from R. Neill, Upper Tinwald to M/s Cooper Bellshill.

74 OTM Cattle... More leaner cows forward. Trade up held recent values.

Sale Report (per head)...

Limousin to £1140.75, £946.40 Herries.

Angus to £1006.25 Druidhall, £900 Gatehouse.

British Blue to £965.20 Marwhirn.

British Friesian to £810 Drum.

Holstein to £808 Hartfield.

Cull Bull Sale Report (per head)...

Limousin to £1412.50 Heithat.

Sale Report (p/kg)....

Limousin to 135p/kg, 112p/kg Herries, 105p/kg Rigghead.

Angus to 125p/kg Gatehouse, 121p/kg Rigghead, 115p/kg, 111p/kg Druidhall.

British Friesian to 100p/kg Drum.

Holstein to 105p/kg, 101p/kg, 100p/kg Hartfield, 104p/kg Kirktonfield.

Cull Bull (p/kg)...

Limousin to 125p/kg Heithat.

872 Prime Sheep Forward.

554 Prime Hoggs... Numbers short of buyers needs with best export and heavy hoggs regularly selling in excess of 190p/kg. Leaner hoggs met a slower demand.

45 hoggs (25.5 to 32kg) Ave 167.4 to 196p/kg Woodfoot.

Beltex to £60 (x2) Upper Tinwald.

Cheviot to £59.50 Woodfoot.

Blackface to £51 Glenkiln.

72 hoggs (32.1 to 39kg) Ave 170 to 191p/kg West Cluden.

Texel to £75 Raehills.

Suffolk to £69 Woodfoot.

Cheviot to £65.50 West Cluden, £65.50 Rigghead.

Cross to £65.50 Marwhirn.

Blackface to £57 Dalhanna.

212 hoggs (39.1 to 45.5kg) Ave 174.4 to 194kg Raehills.

Suffolk to £83.50 Springfield.

Texel to £82.50 Meikleholm, £81.50 Seeside, £80.50 Raehills, £80 Smithy Cottage, £80 Barbush.

Charollais to £80 Paddockhole.

Cross to £77 Rigghead, £74.50 Springfield.

116 hoggs (46+kg) Ave 175.5 to 192p/kg Druidhall.

Texel to £97,£95 Paddockhole, £95.50, £94 Druidhall, £94 Barbush.

Charollais to £95 Paddockhole.

Suffolk to £91.50 Meikleholm.

Cheviot to £89 Druidhall.

Cross to £84.50 Druidhall.

Ewes sharper on the week with top for a Texel at £128 off the Park.

Sale Report (per head)...

Texel to £128 Park, £116 Meikleholm, £98.50 Paddochhole.

Beltex to £116 East Lanegate.

Cheviot Mule to £95.50 to Dalhanna, £88 Paddockhole.

Suffolk to £95 Barnbarroch.

Half-Bred to £93.50 East Lanegate.

Cross to £85 Paddockhole, £82.50 Thorniethwaite, £81 Demperston.

Blue Leicester to £81 to Carterton.

Cheviot to £76.50 Newbank, £75 Dalhanna, £73 Carterton.

Blackface to £72 Craigdarroch, £69.50 Whitedyke, £65.50 Craigdarroch.

Ram Sale Report (per head)...

Border Leicester to £96 Marwhirn.

Charollais to £71 Marbrack.

Texel to £64 Smithy Cottage.

Blackface to £93 Gateslack.

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