Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 19th July 2017.

54 Cattle Forward:

Prime Cattle: A Small show of 10 Prime Cattle were forward today with a mixed show for quality on offer. Good handy weight butcher heifers short of buyers requirements and more could have been sold to advantage.

The sale topped at 224p/kg for a Simmental heifer from D & G Mcclanachan (Oxgang), Millhill and to £1221 for a Limousin heifer from J Jardine, Yett.

OTM Cattle – A small show of Cast Cows were forward to a busy ringside of buyers and many more could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Beef cows averaged 136.5p/kg to 176p/kg and £1346

Dairy Cows averaged 117.1p/kg to 140p/kg and £1060

Per Head

Charolais Bull to £1716 Glenmanna

British Blue to £1346.40 Isle of Dalton

Stabiliser to £1251.60 Riggheads

Limousin to £1239.30 Herries, £1106 Hightownhead, £1095.60 Waterside

Angus to £1232.80 Riggheads, £977.45 Herries

Charolais to £1102.30 Yett

Beef Shorthorn £1080.40 Bogue

Holstein to £1060.45 Ryemuir, £1023, £908.90 Newhouse, £951.60 West Galdenoch, £918.75 Barndennoch

Luing to £939.80 Barnbackle

Simmental to £896.55 Hightownhead

Hereford to £830.25 Eastside

Per Kilo

British Blue to 176p Isle of Dalton

Angus to 173p Herries, 136p Carterton, 134p Riggheads

Limousin to 166p Waterside, 162p Herries, 148p Dempsterton, 140p Hightownhead

Stabiliser to 149p Riggheads

Beef Shorthorn to 147p, 146p Bogue

Charolais to 146p Yett

Charolais to 143p Glenmanna

Holstein to 140p, 132p Longbridgemuir, 127p Ryemuir, 126p Trailflat, 125p Barndennoch

Simmental to 129p Hightownhead

Luing to 127p Barnbackle

Hereford to 123p Eastside

1370 Prime sheep Forward

633 Prime Lambs

Prime Lambs: A good show of prime lambs forward to the usual ring of buyers. Trade remained similar for best quality lambs and for weight however, the smaller show of lighter lambs were harder to cash.

159 Lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 200p/kg to 217/kg Gibbonhill

Texel to £84.50 Gibbonhill, £82 Park, £82 Shawhill, £80 Shancastle, £80 Bettyknowes, £80 Over Abington.

Suffolk to £74 Barnbarroch

Cross £70 Auchenfad

433 Lambs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 212p/kg to 226/kg East

Texel to £100, £98.50 , £95 Eastside, £99.50 Shawhill, £98.50, £96 Skipmyre,

Suffolk to £93.50 Palaceknowe, £92.50 Skipmyre, £91 Drumburn

Cross to £89 Ruthwell, £86.50 Shawhill

41 Lambs (45.6kg - 52kg) Ave 212p/kg to 222p/kg Eastside

Texel to £102.50, £99.50 Eastside, £99.50 Shieldill, £98 Kilncroft

Suffolk to £99 Palaceknowe

Cheviot to £70 Barnbarroch

713 Cast ewes and rams: A much larger show of ewes and rams forward and continued at recent rates with heavy ewes in demand and the best end of blackfaced ewes regularly making £65+.

Cast ewes: 

Texel to £124 Nether Gribton, £110 Hillside, £109 Drumburn, £103 Isle of Dalton, £101 Ruthwell.

Half-Bred to £113, £107 Hartbush, £112, Annefield

BDM £108 Park

Cheviot/Mule to £98 Ryemuir,

Blue Leicester to £91 Kingside

Suffolk to £89 Ewanston

Cheviot to £88 Annefield, £86, £63 Kingside

Cross to £81 Auchencheyne, £78 Shangan, £78 Kingside, £78 Craiglearen

Blackface to £73 Townfoot, £70 Hannaston, £68 Dallowie, £62 Blindburn, £62 Townfoot.

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