Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 24th January 2018.

121 Cattle Forward:

13 Prime Cattle: Best sorts easily sold.

Limousin Steer to 231p D & E Lockhart, Fauldingcleugh and Limousin Heifers to 230p (x2) from R Neill, Upper Tinwald.

108 OTM Cattle: All classes continue to meet plenty of demand with buyers very active.

78 Dairy Cows Ave 108.2p/kg to 151p/kg and £1070.10

25 Beef Cows Ave 127.6p/kg to 176p/kg and £1271.40

5 Bulls Ave 129.5p/kg to 141p/kg and £1508.70

Per Head


Limousin to £1508.70 Dalswinton

Charolais to £1504.20 Dalpeddar

Simmental to £1423.10 Dalswinton


Charolais to £1271.40 Carterton

Limousin to £1214.40 Belridding, £1009.80 Barnbarroch, £972 Crawthat

Angus to £1153.70 Potterland

Friesian to £1070.10 Park, £1000, £992 Drum, £981.50 Park

Holstein to £1062.40 Barnbarroch, £1050 Barndennoch, £1029, £1028.10 Heathfield, £976 Rue, £975.80 Burnside

Per Kilo


Limousin to 141p Dalswinton

Charolais to 138p Dalpeddar

Simmental to 133p Dalswinton


Charolais to 163p Carterton

Friesian to 151p Park, 125p, 124p Drum, 123p Kirkland, 123p, 120p Park

Simmental to 141p Potterland, 134p Cormaddie

Angus to 139p, 133p, 131p Potterland

Limousin to 176p Belridding, 153p Barnbarroch, 136p Cormaddie, 135p Crawthat 131p Park

Holstein to 149p, 147p Heathfield, 136p, 125p Barndennoch, 128p Barnbarroch, 134p Chapelcroft, 133p Dryburgh, 125p Longbridgemuir, 122p Bruntshields, 122p Rue

Ayrshire to 119p Townhead

Jersey 113p Park

Prime Sheep Forward:

817 Prime Hoggs: Plain offering. Best types in short supply and wanted.

136 Hoggs (25.5kg – 32kg) Ave 161.6/kg to 188p/kg Eastside

Texel to £57 Eastside

Blackface to £52.50 Beuchan, £52 Barr

187 Hoggs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 186.2p/kg to 215p/kg Slacks

Texel to £80 Slacks, £78 Woodend, £76.50 Carswadda, £76 Over Abington

Blackface to £63.50 Barbush

333 Hoggs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 190.7p/kg to 210p/kg Lanarkland

Texel to £85.50 Druidhall, £84.50 Meikleholm, £84 Riggheads, £84 Lanarkland, £83.50 High Townhead, £83.50 Foregirth, £83.50 Slacks

Suffolk to £84 Lanarkland

Cheviot to £78.50 Third

Blackface to £76.50 Meikleholm, £74.50 Riggheads

Cross to £75 Woodhouse, £74 Dalpeddar

161 Hoggs (45.6kg+) Ave 171p/kg to 182p/kg Druidhall

Texel to £93.50 Lochill, £91.50, £90, £88 Druidhall/Braco, £90 Kirkhill, £88.50 Arnmannoch, £87.50 West Skelston

Suffolk to £90 Harley Rigg

Blackface to £78 Craigdarroch

Cross to £75 Foregirth

452 Cast Ewes and Rams: Firmer on the week


Texel to £136.50 Maryfield, £127.50 Clonrae, £118.50 Copewood

Charollais to £88.50 Nether Gribton,

Suffolk to £80.50 Meikleholm

Half Bred to £86.50 Hillhead

Cross to £79.50 Abune the brae, £78.50 Marwhirn

Cheviot to £72.50 Kirkhill, £59.50 Marwhirn

Dorset to £75.50 Niviston

Blackface to £58.50 Abune the Brae, £54.50 Foregirth

Texel Ram to £90 Hill

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