Longtown Primestock Sale Report

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 33 prime cattle, 3 young bulls, 26 over thirty month cattle, 6,184 prime lambs and 5,281 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 6th November 2014.

Prime cattle sold a shade easier but for a poor quality show.  Top price to 217.5p for a Limousin bullock shown by J.W. Vevers, High Stenries.



Limousin 217.5p High Stenries, 213.5p High Moat, 211.5p Sandbed, 210.5p Hallees, 205.5p Nether Onsett, 198.5p Hallees, 197.5p Nether Onsett, 195.5p Sandbed 193.5p Hallees and High Moat.

Blue Grey 189.5p, 183.5p Stell Green.


Limousin 211.5p, 209.5p Houghton House, 197.5p Bleatarn.

Charolais 211.5p High Stenries, 209.5p, 208.5p, 205.5p Hallburn.

Black & White 151.5p Woodslee.



Limousin £1,540, £1,510 Nether Onsett, £1,358 Sandbed, £1,345 High Moat.


Limousin £1,340, £1,247 Houghton House, £1,165 Bleatarn.

Charolais £1,282, £1,277 Hallburn, £1,226 High Stenries, £1,181 Hallburn.

Bulls sold to 195.5p and 190.5p for Charolais from Enzieholm, Limousin from the same home to 189.5p.

A shortage of well fleshed cows forward with leaner cows harder to cash.  Top price to 157.5p and 155.5p for Limousin cows shown by A. & A. Ewing, Dumbretton.


Limousin 157.5p, 155.5p Dumbretton, 123.5p Silver Lea, 118.5p, 113.5p, 109.5p The Lamperts.

Shorthorn 120.5p The Side.

Galloway 110.5p Softley Farm.

Angus 109.5p Woodhall, 101.5p Lynnshield.


Limousin £1,166, £1,023 Dumbretton, £845 Silver Lea, £811 The Lamperts.

Angus £1,029 Woodhall.

A larger show of 6,184 prime lambs met the dearest trade of the season so far. The sale averaged 177p (SQQ 180.5p). All classes sharper on the week with the best quality lambs realising extreme rates and a tremendous show of heavyweight lambs the dearest trade seen anywhere this week. Light weight lambs continue to be short of buyers requirements and sold at recent high rates.  Many more lambs could be sold to advantage.

Top price of £110 per head for Texels from Marygate and to 243p per kilo for Texels from Killocraw.


Texel £104 Albierigg, £98 Crumhaughhill & Waterside, £94 Laws Hall, £93.50, £88 Sorbie.

Suffolk £102 Marygate, £99 Tone Hall, £98 Marygate, £96 Tone Hall and Guards Mill, £95 Newbiggin (Lumley) and Haithwaite.

Beltex £98 Watch Hillside, £80 Glencartholm, £78 Watch Hillside, £77 Glencartholm, £75 Maryholm.

Greyface £96 Skinnet, £85 Houghton House, £79 Nunscleugh, £78.50 Sykehead, £78 Nether Stenries.

Charollais £92 Dunnabie House, £90 Beckhall, £87.50 Carslae, £83.50 Pouton Farm.

North Country Cheviot £89, £85, £83, £79 Carruthers, £77 Smiddyquoy and Riggshield.

Blackface £81, £75 Edges Green, £73 Leithanhall and Debog, £72 Whiteside, £71.50 Cowburnrigg.

Half Bred £79 Dodgsonstown, £76.50 Adderston Shiels, £72 Earlside, £70 Dodgsonstown.

Leicester £79 Morley Hill, £72 Softley, £70 Stell Green.

Cheviot Mule £77 Kirkbride, £75 Gilston, £73.50 Skelfhill, £70 Gilston.

Hill Cheviot £75 Streethead, £73.50 Dinley, £70 Sorbietrees, £63 West Hottbank.

Swaledale £71, £66 Bullshill, £58 High Edges Green, £57 Pry Hill.

Lonk £70 Bush of Ewes.

Berrichon £68.50, £67 Peddar Hill.

Roussin £64 Debog.

Oxford £61 New Hummerbecks.

Zwartbles £60 High Baileyhead.

Kendal Rough £57 Churchview.

Shetland £55 Beyond the Moss, £53 Newington.

Herdwick £53 Cardewlees.

Beulah £48 Howcleugh.


Texel 243p, 237p Killocraw, 216p Maidencots, 213p Greenburn, 205p Carran, 204p Powheads and Maidencots.

Beltex 228p Sorbie, 219p Crawthat, 215p Sorbie, 210p Crawthat, 209p Lawshall and Glencartholm.

Greyface 197p Glencartholm, 184p Gibblaston, 179p Amoshill, 178p Stell Green and Sykehead, 177p D’Mainholm.

Blackface 197p Debog, 189p Burnfoot and Tone Hall, 186p Mid Harrietsfield and Winterhopeburn, 181p Arnicle and Winterhopeburn, 179p Tone Hall.

Charollais 195p Pates Hill, 191.7p Dunnabie House, 187p Newington, 180p Beckhall, 179p Dunnabie House.

Roussin 188p Debog.

Hill Cheviot 188p Cowburn, 185p West Hottbank, 179p Glenreasdell, 174p Streethead, 171p Dinley.

Suffolk 187p New Hummerbecks, 186p Beyond the Moss and Skelfhill, 183p North House, Hallburn and Chapel Farm, 182p Townhead, 181p Glencartholm.

Shetland 183p Beyond the Moss and Newington. 

Cheviot Mule 179p Kirkbride, 178.4p Skernish, 175p Skelfhill.

North Country Cheviot 178p Adderston Shiels, 176p Carruthers, 174p Earlside, 170p, 169p Carruthers.

Herdwick 177p Cardewlees.

Berrichon 176p, 168p Peddar Hill.

Swaledale 174p Bullshill, 171p High Edges Green, 169p Bullshill, 168p Pry Hill.

Lonk 171p Bush of Ewes.

Half Bred 171p Earlside, 170p Adderston Shiels, 163p Dodgsonstown.

Leicester 167p Softley.

Zwartbles 162p High Baileyhead.

Oxford 161p New Hummerbecks.

Another great show of 5,281 cast ewes and rams was forward to the usual ring of buyers. All ewes much firmer on the week, with heavyweight ewes some £9 to £10 dearer on average and hill ewes £4 to £5 dearer as numbers start to dry up roundabout. 

Heavy ewes

Texel £142 Bensons Fell, £140 Medomsley, £138, £136 Oldfield, £135 Bensons Fell, £130 Old Wall.

Charollais £132 Felltop, £116, £111 Stepend, £105 Felltop, £104 Greenfold.

Suffolk £116 Medomsley, £108 South Dene, £106 Lawston, Riverhill and Stepend, £102 Riverhill.

Beltex £114 Waterside, £94 Carnavel, £88 Greenfold.

North Country Cheviot £110 Castle Heathire, £106 Carruthers, £105 Oldfield, £98 Skaill, £97 Carruthers.

Half Bred £100, £93 Haithwaite.

Cheviot Mule £97 Newton Farm, £92 Greenfold, £86 Priesthaugh and Clifton on Bowmant, £84 Thistledo, £83 North House.

Leicester £96 Medomsley, £95 Ringliggate, £90 Westend and Falside Hill, £88 Arnicle and Morebattle Tofts, £86 South Slipperfield.

Greyface £88 Buteland and Haithwaite, £86 Marygate, £85 Haythwaite Lane, £84 High Studdon, £83 Gilkersleugh Mains.

Romney £77 Holme Farm.

Dorset £74 Brae Edge.

Hill ewes

Blackface £75 Buteland, £70 Ringliggate, £68 Wardlaw and Unthank, £66 The Row and South Slipperfield, £64 West Hottbank and Newington.

Cheviot £74 Priesthaugh and Milnholm, £73 Sorbietrees, £71 Brora, £70 Wardlaw, £68 North House.

Lonk £68 Bush of Ewes.

Lleyn £67 Over Whitlaw, £66 Haithwaite, £62, £54 Dolphinston.

Easycare £66 Kersheugh, £64 Godscroft, £60 Kersheugh, £59 Godscroft.

Jacob £64 Haithwaite, £58 Threepwood Farm.

Swaledale £57 Mid Harrietsfield, £55 Sunnyside, £52 The Throp, £50 High Studdon, £49 Longlea.

Kerry Hill £54 Westend.

Shetland £51 Greenfold.

Beulah £48 Howcleugh.

Herdwick £48 Tardoes, £45 Cardewlees.


North Country Cheviot £132 Bardnaclaven, £128 Stepend.

Texel £128 Catslackburn, £118 Greensburn, £108 Low Hallburn, £96 Stepend, £94 Priesthaugh.

Leicester £116 Morley Hill, £114 Sheepriggs, £92 Buteland, £80 Maidencots.

Zwartbles £112 Guards Mill.

Suffolk £91 Marygate, £86 Haithwaite, £78 Marygate, £74 Tonehall.

Romney Marsh £85 Holme Farm.

Easycare £77 Godscroft.

Hill Cheviot £76 Whitehouse, £68 Cara View.

Blackface £74 Park Nook, £70 Leithanhall, £68 Buteland, £62 Maidencots.

Charollais £75 Ringliggate.

Beulah £66 Howcleugh.

Swaledale £60 Morley Hill.

Light to 183.5p (176.1p)
Medium to 217.5p (200.2p)
Heavy to 205.5p (197.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 211.5p (187.3p)
Heavy to 209.5p (209.1p)

Young bulls to 195.5p (191.8p)

Light to 204.0p (179.5p)
Standard to 243.0p (183.7p)
Medium to 228.0p (179.5p)
Heavy to 213.0p (171.5p)
Overweight 189.0p (167.0p)

Light to £75.00 (£50.15)
Heavy to £142.00 (£85.31)

Cast Rams to £132.00 (£76.12)

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