Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward 28 prime cattle, 4 prime bulls, 13 OTM cattle, 2,318 prime lambs and 5,584 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th August 2015.

A larger company of 12 buyers were at ringside and all classes met strong bidding from the first to the last. A mixed show of cows saw demand strong throughout, but several weathered cows were cheaper on the week. Top price was 150p for an outstanding Limousin cross cow from Mr J.P. Lee, Morley Hill. Simmentals sold to 128p from Morley Hill. Dairy cows sold to 91p from Home Farm. Top price per head £1,057.80 paid for a suckler from Raggetsyke. Aged stock bulls sold to 86p from Whampray.

An excellent show of clean cattle and bulls met a fast trade with but the majority grass cattle, averages are easier on the week. The sale was topped at 223p for a Charolais heifer from Messrs Taylor, Dashwellgreen. Limousin heifers sold to 222p from Low Plains. Heavyweights sold to £1,496.50 from Becton Hall, others to £1,420 from Kirkpatrick Fleming. The steer entry dominated by weight sold to a top of 219p, again from Drew Taylor, others from Low Plains realised 218p. Top price per head £1,478.25 from Dashwellgreen with Nether Onsett selling to £1,463.

A smaller show of 2,318 prime lambs were short of requirements with trade much stronger on the week to average 149.3p per kilo (SQQ 149.3p), a rise of 7p per kilo on the week.

Top price of £83 per head for Texels from Wyseby Hill and to 189p per kilo for Beltex from High Greenhill.

Lightweights sold to £57.80 per head for Bleu d’Maine from Tarnside and to 177p per kilo for Cheviots from Plantation View.


Texel 189p, 182p High Greenhill, 180p Kirk House, 176p Buteland and Kirk House, 174p Randalholme, 173p Woodhouse.

Beltex 180p Walton Highrigg.

Hill Cheviot 177p, 167p Plantation View, 164p Cowburn, 159p St Marys.

Bleu d’Maine 165p Tarnside.

Suffolk 158p Raeburnfoot, 154p Shawhill, Staffler and Shield Green, 153p Newbiggin and Shawhill.

Charollais 157p Knowe Farm, 148p Foulshiels.

Blackface 157p Peela Hill, 146p Prospect House.

Greyface 145.5p, 144p Randalholme, 142p Plantation View, 141p Nunscleugh.


Texel £83 Wyseby Hill, £81.80 High Greenhill, £80.20, £79.50 Kirkton, £79 Kirk House.

Suffolk £78 Wallend, £77 Little Galla, £75 Kimmeter Green, £74.20 Foulshiels.

Beltex £73.80 Walton Highrigg, £72.80 Sorbie, £69.80 Walton Highrigg.

Charollais £72 Wyseby Hill, £70.80 Foulshiels, £70 Hunterlee Pastoral, £69 Knowe Farm.

Hill Cheviot £65 Relief and Sorbie, £62, £57 Bush of Ewes, £57 Parkhill.

Greyface £64 Plantation View, £58.80 Hill Brae, £58.20 Randalholme, £56.80 Midtodhills, £55.80 Temple House.

Blackface £64 Allensgreen, £56.50 Peela Hill.

Oxford £60 Guards.

A similar entry of 5,584 prime ewes & rams met a fast selling trade, all classes slightly easier on the week, although hill ewe averages up £2 on the week.

Top for rams was £220 for Charollais from Hunderlee Pastoral, heavy ewes to £135 for Texels from Chaseside, hill ewes to £72 for Lleyns from Barnford.


Texel £135 Chaseside, £124 Dormansteads, £120 Becks, Four o Boot and Beckfoot, £119 Beckfoot.

Charollais £115 Millside, £96 Gass Farm, £79 Tinnis Hall.

Suffolk £106 Chaseside, £93 Mossband Hall, £88 East Kildarroch.

Blue Texel £98 Millside.

Beltex £88 High Airyolland, £87 Balgray Garage House, £75 Glenmaid.

Greyface £85 Ormiston, £73 Fenton Farm, £72 Croft House, £71 Dinnans, £70 Langshawmuir.

North Country Cheviot £82 Dalmakethar, £78 Beckfoot, £76 Carruthers, Heatherglen and Lammonbie Mill, £74 Marchbank and Beckfoot, £71 North Synton.

Bleu d’Maine £81 Ormiston Lodge.

Leicester £80 Foulshiels, £68 Chaseside, £65 Stell Green.

Cheviot Mule £72 Deuchrie, £71 Relief, £68 Tarrasfoot, North House and Greenburn.

Romney Marsh £70, £61 Holme Farm.

Zwartbles £67 Drumreach.


Lleyn £72 Barnford, £57 The Throp, £50 Heatherglen

Hill Cheviot £69 Raeburnfoot, £61 Carterton, £58 Springwells and Sparretts Farm, £57 Milton of Dryfe.

Easycare £57, £56, £55 Godscroft.

Blackface £52 Hill Brae, £51 Little Galla, £50 Deuchrie and West Brims.

Swaledale £41, £37 Sanders Close, £37 Woodhouse.


Charollais £220 Hunderlee Pastoral.

Texel £150 Woodhead, £138 Charlesfield, £130 Colt Crag, £122 Chaseside.

Beltex £122 Woodhead, £106 Chaseside.

Suffolk £121 Lea Hill, £108 Morley Hill, £102 Culquhasen, £100 Beckfoot.

Leicester £84, £70 Hill Brae, £70 Colt Crag.

North Country Cheviot £80 Heatherglen.

Hill Cheviot £80 Becks, £76 Raeburnfoot.

Swaledale £70 Drumreach.

Blackface £67 Cleughbrae.

Easycare £66, £61 Godscroft.


Light to 206.0p (206.0p)
Medium to 215.0p (202.4p)
Heavy to 219.0p (204.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 222.0p (176.9p)
Heavy to 223.0p (199.8p)

Young bulls 209.0p (207.4p)

Light to 177.0p (157.5p)
Standard to 189.0p (153.9p)
Medium to 182.0p (151.0p)
Heavy to 164.0p (146.4p)
O/weight 145.0p (130.4p)

Light to £72.00 (£41.51)
Heavy to £135.00 (£65.53)

Cast Rams £220.00 (£85.25)

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