Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 49 cattle, 4,035 prime lambs and 5,044 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 22nd September 2016.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 42 barren cows, 1 stock bull and 6 prime cattle were forward.

OTM’s: Another mixed entry was on offer to an increased company of buyers with several extra feeding men operating. Trade was sharper on the week with all classes dearer, in particular the good meated continentals. Top price was 144p for a Blue x cow from the Ewing family, who sold another to 137p. Dan Charnock sold continentals to 128p, with Limousin’s from Mr Harrison to 127p. Native breeds sold to 110p from Mr Harrison for Luing x, with Herefords from George Davies realised 112p. Dairy cows sold to 98p from Thomas Moscrop.

Heavyweight cows sold to £1101.60 from Dumbretton, with others to £901.60 from Teinside. A Blue stock bull sold to 135p from Blindhillbush. Standstill rules decimated the prime cattle, with a Limousin steer topping at 186p from James Taylor.

A larger show of 4,035 lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers, with trade steadier on the week in line with the national trend as more numbers come forward. Best quality lambs however, remain a marvelous trade and many more could be sold to advantage. Heavy lambs selling at recent rates, but vendors should note that there is now a large difference in the price of good meated lambs and leaner types, these lambs would be better off sold as stores. Lambs sold to a top of 244p for Texels from Fenton and Beltex from Wallend, and to £103 for Texels from Middle Farm. Overall sale average was 178p.


Texel 244p Fenton, 237p Lanerton & High Greenhill, 236p Rumsdale House & Crawthat, 228p High Greenhill, 226p Rumsdale House, 220p Common House, 218p Fenton, 217p High Greenhill.

Beltex 244p Wallend, 238p Newtown, 220p Bridgestone, 213p Sorbie.

Suffolk 190p Stockwell Hall, 189p Mid Murthat, 186p Skelfhill & Tarrasfoot, 183p Albierigg, 182p Staffler, Hallburn, Far Howe & Dykehead.

Charollais 188p Fenton, 183p Greenburn, 180p, 178p Boghall, 178p Knowe, 174p The Chestnuts, 172p Longrow, 171p Knowe, Fenton & Sorbie.

Cheviot Mule 182p Skelfhill, 172p North House, 170p Whiteknowe, 169p, 168p Marwhirn.

Cheviot 179p Castlackburn, 176p Hawthornside, 174p Rowanburnfoot, Fenwick & Catslackburn, 172p Tarrasfoot, 171p Sorbietrees, 170p Chapel.

North Country Cheviot 176p carruthers, 170p Raeburnfoot.

Lleyn 175p, 168p Dolphinston.

Greyface 174p Albierigg, 172p Greenburn & Kirkton of Crawford, 171p Keiss Mains & Gibblaston, 170p D’Mainholm.

Blackface 168p Caulside, 166p Sorbie & Riskenhope, 165p Gibblaston & Riskenhope, 164p Whiteside.


Texel £103 Middle Farm, £100 Fenton, £99 Crawthat, £98 Sowerby Wood, Kirk House & High Greenhill, £97 High Greenhill & Lanerton.

Beltex £95 Wallend, £93 Newtown, £88 Bridgestone.

Suffolk £94 Cowburnrigg, £93 Carsegowan, £90 Maidencots, Cowburnrigg & Hallburn, £89 Colmslie Hill & Mid Murthat, £87.50 Dykehead, £85 Knowe.

Charollais £94 Colmslie Hill, £87 The Chestnuts, £84 Knowe, £82 The Chestnuts & Sorbie, £80 Boghall.

Cheviot Mule £80 Colmslie Hill, £76.50 Skelfhill, £76 Marwhirn, £73 Mount Pleasant.

North Country Cheviot £78.50 Damside, £74 Carruthers.

Greyface £78.50 Whiteside & Albierigg, £77.50 Kirkton of Crawford, £76 Spoutbank, £75 Auchengray, Woodhouse & D’Mainholm.

Cheviot £78 Chapel, £68.50 Hawthornside.

Blackface £74 Stockwell Hall, £73 Pitland Hills, £70 Sorbie.

Another good show 5,044 cast ewes and rams were forward to a busy ring of buyers, all keen for sheep with a better show for quality forward, especially in the heavy ewe categories, where a £6 was realised. Hill ewes remain at recent good rates. Rams dearer. Sale topped at £152 for Texel rams from Tercrosset and Texel ewes to £148 from Four o Boot.


Texel £148 Four o Boot, £140 Whitehall, £138 Upper Huntley, £130 Dormansteads, £128, £127 Graceside, £126 Marygate & Chaseside, £124 Byresteads.

Charollais £116 Chaseside, £108 Riggheads, £103 Beckfoot, £100, £94 Chaseside.

Millenium Blue £110 Middle Farm.

Suffolk £107 Gospel Hall, £98, £94 Graceside, £94 Low Hallburn & Upper Huntley, £92 Colmslie Hill & Beckfoot, £90 Boreland & Beckfoot.

Beltex £101 The Wreay.

North Country Cheviot £89 Clatequoy, £84 Gospel Hall, £81 East Murkle, £80 Chaseside, £77 Damside & Earlside, £76 Upper Huntley & Purdomstone, £75 Brockhouse & Clackmae.

Cheviot Mule £85 Low Hallburn, £78 Colsmlie Hill, £76 Marygate, £75 Colmslie Hill, £73 Marygate, £72 Tarrasfoot.

Bleu Du Maine £84 Middle Farm.

Leicester £78 Kilnstown & Newbiggin, £71 Hightown, £70 Brockhouse.

Greyface £77 North Synton, £76 Boreland, £76 Unthank, £75 Rinnion Hills & Newbiggin, £74 Marygate & South Slealands.


Blackface £64 Allensgreen, £55 Penpeugh, £54 Eastside & East Fortissat, £53 Carnavel, Langholm & Eastside, £52 Brackenthwaite, £51 Catslackburn.

Cheviot £63 High Tirfergus, £56 Penchrise, £55 Shillafield, Twislehope & Graceside, £53 Bush of Ewes, £51 Sorbietrees, £50 Catslackburn, West Deloraine & Newbiggin.

Easycare £56 Blackhaugh, £46 Powheads & Boldron.

Lleyn £52 Dolphinston, £42 Marygate.

Herdwick £50 Longrow.

Swaledale £49 Kilnstown, £45 Burn House & Farnbury, £44 Spoutbank, £42 Bullshill, £40 Woodhouse & Monk.


Texel £152 Tercrosset, £141 Chaseside, £140 Eastside, £134 Roxburgh Mains, £131 Graceside, £130 Bullshill, £128 Clackmae, £126 Forss, £120 Boreland & Tercrosset.

Suffolk £150 Colmslie Hill, £146 Chaseside, £127 The Wreay, £126 Newbiggin.

Beltex £136 The Wreay, £124 Powheads.

Charollais £134 Powheads.

Zwartble £128 Cliftoncote.

North Country Cheviot £112 Gospel Hall, £100 Colmslie Hill, £98 Tain Olrig.

Cheviot £92 Catslackburn.

Blackface £88 Whiteside, £72 Broughton Place.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 186.0p (185.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 128.0p (128.0p)
Medium to 177.0p (177.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Young bulls 86.0p ( 85.5p)

Light to 226.0p (160.7p)
Standard to 244.0p (178.6p)
Medium to 244.0p (179.7p)
Heavy to 204.0p (177.0p)
Overweight to 189.0p (158.0p)

Light to £64.00 (£39.14)
Heavy to £148.00 (£70.38)

Cast Rams £152.00 (£85.92)

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