Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 19 cattle, 2,706 prime lambs, 984 prime hoggs and 3,434 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 15th June 2017.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where a reduced entry of 19 cattle were forward due to several vendors trying to clip and silage.

OTM’s: Market average 127.4p, seven men wanting cows!

The section saw competition strong for all types, topping at 154p for a Blue cross from Harry and Geoff Gass who’s load averaged 152p. Native cows sold to 139p from High Burnfoot.

Clean cattle: Average 221.3p for everything.

Drew and Brian top the sale with a Limousin heifer at 240p, others sold to 229p from Robert Fiddler for a black Limousin, with Charolais to 228p from Low Plains.

Next Thursday Midsummer Show & Sale – Classes for cows, clean and young bulls – 60 cattle needed!

A very impressive show of 2,706 spring lambs were forward to the usual busy ring of buyers who were still all keen for sheep even though many more numbers presented across the country, resulting in trade being 20ppk less on the week, with lambs however still 50ppk dearer on the year. Heavyweight lambs remain the easiest to sell and short of buyer requirements, whilst the lightest end of lambs saw the biggest drop on the week as there were many more forward across Wales this week. Best quality lambs short of requirements and achieving very high rates.

A top of 303p was achieved for wonderful Texel lambs from Jackie Marshall, Hermitage and to £132 for Suffolks from I & J Barbour, Beechgrove. Overall sale average 234.0p (SQQ 234.5p)


Texel 303p Hermitage, 300p, 298p Thornthwaite Close, 298p Hermitage, 297p Little Orton, 295p Old Rectory, 288p Little Orton, 286p High Greenhill & New Hummerbeck, 282p Little Orton, 280p Newtown, 277p Upper Tofts, 275p Woodlands, 273p Cubbyhill, 266p Wallend, 261p Langshawmuir.

Suffolk 254p Whins, 247p Upper Mains, Wynholm & New Hummerbecks, 244p Guardsmill & North Middleton, 243p Spawell, 243p, 242p Tughall, 241p Broomhill, 240p Sceugh Dyke, 239p Bleatarn, Tughall, Woodlands & Creca Hall, 238p Cambeckhill.

Oxford 236p, 233p Plantation View.

Berrichon 236p, 234p Sceugh Dyke.

Charollais 233p The Chestnuts, 232p Hallburn, 223p New Hummerbecks, 222p The Chestnuts, 221p Laverockbank, 214p Mount Benger & Kimmeter Green.

Blackface 233p Springfield Farm Court.

Cheviot 232p Boldron, 205p Halmyre.

Hampshire 219p Barnglies.

Cross 218p Rottington Hall, 210p Pennyhill, 207p Edge, Nunscleugh & Airds of Balcary.

Continental 215p Pennyhill.


Suffolk £132 Beechgrove, £121 Riddings Hill, £120 Guardsmill & Upper Mains, £118 Tughall, £116 Wynholm & Upper Mains, £115 Sceugh Dyke, £112 Spawell, £110 North Middleton & Kirkhouse Dairy, £109 Tughall, £108 Heatherglen, Springfield Farm Court & Kilnford Croft.

Texel £126 Newtown, £122 Kirkhouse Dairy, £121 Old Rectory, £120 Dinwoodie Green, £120, £119 Thornthwaite Close, £118 Holylee & Hermitage, £116, £115 Little Orton, £115 Upper Tofts, £114 Guardsmill, £112 Mainside & Cowens.

Zwartble £102 Kirkhouse Dairy.

Berrichon £100.50, £99 Sceugh Dyke.

Charollais £100, £93 The Chestnuts, £86 Hallburn.

Hampshire £92 Barnglies.

Oxford £85 Plantation View.

Cross £85 Edge Farm.

A smaller show of 984 prime hoggs were forward to a busy ring of buyers all keen for sheep. Trade was fast from the off in all classes leaving buyers short of requirements. Many more could be sold to advantage. The sale topped at £124 for Texel hoggs from H&K Farms, Trailtrow and to 230p per kilo also for Texels from Messrs Shankland, East Raffles. Overall sale average 187.5ppk (SQQ 188.3ppk).


Texel 230p East Raffles, 218p Powhead & Lurgan, 216p East Raffles, 212p Golden Lane & Springfield Farm Court, 211p Drumreach, 209p Waterhead of Dryfe, 208p Golden Lane & Over Whitlaw, 207p Barnakill & Sykehead.

Hill Cheviot 216p Lyneholm, 215p Lurgan, 211p Borlick, 209p Sykehead, 200p Lyneholm.

Roussin 215p, 210p Kirkwood Mains.

Suffolk 209p Burnhouse, 191p Viewley, 180p Culquhasen & Stoneraise, 175p Borlick.

North Country Cheviot 207p Fearn Farm.

Blackface 206p Sykehead, 203p Easter Dawyck, 200p Burnhouse, 195p Easter Dawyck & Holylee.

Greyface 198p Sykehead, 192p Broomhills, 190p Joren.

Herdwick 193p Sykehead.

Swaledale 186p Allenheads.


Texel £124 Trailtrow, £116 Beechgrove, £114 Eastside, £112 Howpark, £110 Eastside, £108 Springwells, £106 Golden Lane & East Raffles, £105 Drumreach, £104 Over Whitlaw, £102 East Raffles, Ormiston & Powheads, £100 Broomhills.

North Country Cheviot £112 Fearn, £94 Kelsocleugh.

Greyface £104 Ramshope, £84 Broomhills, £80 Barnakill.

Hill Cheviot £98 Lyneholm, £84 Lurgan, £80 Lyneholm.

Suffolk £92 Stoneraise, £86 Burnhouse, £80 Stoneraise & Upper Mains.

Roussin £86 Kirkwood Mains.

Blackface £80 Troloss & Easter Dawyck, £79 Holylee House, £78 Easter Dawyck & Troloss, £77 Easter Dawyck.

A much larger show of 3,434 cast ewes and rams was presented to a full compliment of buyer’s, with trade a lot dearer on the week in all classes, especially small lighter ewes, which remain very short of requirements. All classes would be £4-5 dearer on the week.

Sale topped at £149 for Texel ewes from Beckfoot and rams to £140 for Beltex from Messrs Trafford, Springfield.


Texel £149 Beckfoot, £148 Cubbyhill, Sanderson House, Mainside & Loughrigg, £147 Chaseside, £146 Swinsty & Holylee, £145 Pasture House, £141 Over Whitlaw & Roxburgh Mains, £140 Cubbyhill & Beckfoot, £139 Howpark.

Charollais £140 Heatherglen, £128 Springfield, £116 Barend, £112 Loughrigg, £110 Springfield & Chaseside, £109 Beckfoot, £108 Heatherglen, £100 Golden Lane.

Beltex £138 Beck Farm, £135 Townhead & Tercrosset, £126 Beck Farm.

Continental £120 The Laurels & Springfield.

Suffolk £114 Chaseside & Guardsmill, £112 Huntington, £111 Longyester, £110 Sanderson House & Chaseside, £108 Longyester & Sea View, £107, £106 Huntington, £106 Broom Park, £105 Heatherglen, £104 Beckfoot, Heatherglen & Marygate, £103 Howpark, £102 West Foreshield, £100 Roxburgh Mains.

Blue Faced Leicester £106 Castle Nook, £99 Gapshield & Sanders Close, £97 Gapshield, £94 Brackendean.

Half-bred £106 Smailholm Mains.

Cheviot Mule £102 Broom Park, £90 Barnakill.

Blue du Maine £102 Hillcrest.

North Country Cheviot £100 Smailholm Mains, £93 Broom Park, £87 Drumreach, £86 Wynholm.

Greyface £98 Barend, £89 West End, £88 Haythwaite Lane & Whiteclose, £87 Merrick, Eastside & Haythwaite Lane, £86 Longyester, £85 Broom Park, £84 Joren & East Mill Hills.


Blackface £78 Burnhouse, £74 Culquhasen, £73 Weeds, £72 Crook Bank, £70 Longyester, £69 Burnfoot, Eastside & Blakehope, £68 Longyester, £66 Burnhouse, £65 Drumreach, Barnakill & Guardsmill.

Kendal Rough £76 Church View, £67 Gill Head.

Hill Cheviot £75 Crosscleugh, £73 Mount Benger, £69 Crosscleugh, £68 Allfornaught, £64 Boldron, £62 Mainside, £60 Viewley.

Goat £69, £66, £60, £52 Marygate.

Swaledale £66 Pennyhill, £65 Castle Nook & Todhillwood, £61 Castle Nook, £60 Nunscleugh, £57 Gapshield, High Lovelady Shield & Bailey Mill, £56 Burnhouse, £55 High Lovelady Shield.

Herdwick £61 Redgate Head.

Easycare £55 Lowmoor Head, £54 Fearn.


Beltex £140 Springfield.

Suffolk £134 Fairways, £112 Merrick.

Texel £132 Airds of Balcary, £126 Castle Nook, £120 Holylee & Beckfoot, £119 Marygate, £118 East Mill Hills, £116 Caberston & Heatherglen, £115 Boathouse Cottage, £114 Fearn, £112 Howpark, £110 Whiteclose.

Blue Faced Leicester £129 Castle Nook, £120 Todhillwood, £108 West Foreshield.

Charollais £126 Springfield.

North Country Cheviot £120 Viewley, £100 Alton.

Blue du Maine £116 Beckfoot.

Dorset £116 Barend.

Cheviot £98 Crosscleugh.

Blackface £84 Viewley, £74 Blakehope & Caberston.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to -------p (------p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 240.0p (220.7p)
Heavy to 229.0p (222.0p)

Light to 280.0p (221.6p)
Standard to 303.0p (233.9p)
Medium to 300.0p (236.6p)
Heavy to 254.0p (233.7p)
Overweight 226.0p (188.2p)

Light to 209.0p (179.0p)
Standard to 216.0p (188.0p)
Medium to 218.0p (198.0p)
Heavy to 230.0p (185.0p)

Shearlings 218.0p (178.0p)

Light to £78.00 (£57.35)
Heavy to £149.00 (£90.61)

Rams £140.00 (£95.71)

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