Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 31 cattle, 2,002 prime lambs, 1,823 prime hoggs and 3,791 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 22nd June 2017.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 31 cattle were forward, included in the sale was the Midsummer Show and Sale of cattle, were our judge Mr Granville Moor ably placed the strong classes in an efficient manner. At sale time, a huge company of buyers were present with several face making a welcome return, and all classes were on fire.

OTM’s: An indifferent show of quality and numbers saw vendors disbelieving the trade with lean 15-18 year old cows regularly 124-134p. Topping the sale was a teenager Charolais at 149p from Mr Anderson, Argyll. Travelled cows from Campbeltown sold to 140p for an Angus and the load averaged 135p. Galloways sold to 128p from Mr Moore, Softley. Stock bulls sold to 119p twice, firstly from Mr Anderson for a Simmental and secondly for an Angus from Messrs Anderson, Penchrise.

Prime cattle and bulls: Blues sell to 244p, heifers average 226p per kilo.

Superb cattle saw seven men trying to buy and a white hot trade. Top of the tree was Drew and Brian with the Show Champion, a British Blue which sold to 244p, purchased by Ian Ireland. Limousin’s sold to 235p again from the Taylor men and purchased by Border Meats. Stephen Wilson gave 230p for a Limousin from Low Plains. Drew and Brian’s consignment averaged 230p per kilo.

Prize winners:

Best prime heifer – 1st Taylor, Dashwell Green, 2nd – Fiddler, Barrow Ling

Best prime steer – 1st Wilson, Plumpe

Best prime bull – 1st & 2nd Vevers, High Stenries

Best cow – 1st Gemmill, Ifferdale, 2nd – Moore, Sofley.

Another fine show of 2,002 spring lambs were forward to the usual busy ring of buyers all keen for sheep, which resulted in the trade firming all day in the build up to the feast to mark end of Ramadan. All classes in demand and were short of buyer requirements. Vendors are advised to continue selling at these rates whilst they last. A top of 324p was achieved for excellent Texel lambs from Messrs Byrne, Thornthwaite Close and to £129 for Texels from Messrs Hewson, Burgh Head. Overall sale average 237.4p (SQQ 238.7p)


Texel 324p Thornthwaite Close, 300p Pearsbyhall, 297p Thornthwaite Close, 292p Waterside, 280p The Wynd & Kilnhill, 277p Netherbrotherstone, 275p The Wynd, 267p Reagill Grange, 265p Little Orton.

Beltex 316p, 270p, 256p Woodhead, 250p Park Nook, 237p Sceugh Dyke.

Dutch Texel 260p, 248p, 244p Old Rectory.

Suffolk 257p Whins, 254p Upper Mains, 251p Carsegowan, 250p Long Strumble & The Land, 249p, 248p Carsegowan, 247p Upper Mains & Sykehead, 245p Roxburgh Mill.

Charollais 242p Kimmeter Green, 238p Kilnhill & Glebelands, 235p Kimmeter Green, 234p The Wynd, 226p Oakdene, 225p Parcelstown.

Continental 225p Boldron.

Cheviot 225p Boldron.

Herdwick 224p Boldron.

Cross 220p Maidencots, 215p Parcelstown, 209p Whiteside, 208p Golden Lane, 200p The Wreay & Holebeck.

North Country Cheviot 212p Effgill.

Blackface 200p Thorny Knowe.


Texel £129 Burgh Head, £123 Thornthwaite Close, £120 Whins, £119 Little Orton, £116 Smyllum & Auchengray, £115 Dickstree, The Land & Millhouse, £114 Waterside.

Suffolk £125 Long Strumble, £122 Upper Mains, £120 Long Strumble, £117.50, £114 Tughall, £113 Whins, £112 Carsegowan, £111 Upper Mains, 110 Sceugh Dyke & The Land.

Beltex £117, £108 Woodhead, £105 Park Nook, £102 Sceugh Dyke, £100 Woodhead.

Charollais £114 Thorny Knowe, £96 Newbiggin, £95 Kilnhill, £94 Kimmeter Green, £93 Glebelands, £92 Kimmiter Green.

Dutch Texel £109, £99, £95 Old Rectory.

North Country Cheviot £89 Effgill.

Cross £86 Parcelstown.

An unbelievable show of 1,823 prime hoggs for the end of June, were forward to the usual customers, with trade still fast for the best fleshed hoggs, others met realization as men get to the end of their draw. The sale topped at £110 for Suffolk hoggs from Bidlake and Greyface hoggs from Viewley, and to 225p per kilo for Texels from Roses Bower. Overall sale average 177.4ppk (SQQ 177.3ppk).


Texel 225p Roses Bower, 210p Dundraw, 205p The Wreay & Golden lane, 204p Cardewlees, 203p Copperthorns, 200p Viewley, Killervan & Largie.

Beltex 224p Shankcastle, 217p Plumpe, 214p, 206p Shankcastle.

North Country Cheviot 211p, 200p Effgill.

Hill Cheviot 209p Golden Lane, 200p, 198p Plumpe.

Suffolk 207p, 205p Gillenbie, 200p Golden Lane & Cardewlees, 199p, 195p Clarghyll, 195p Bidlake, 193p Golden Lane, 190p Bidlake.

Greyface 204p Viewley, 200p Roses Bower, 192p Killervan.

Charollais 204p Whiteside.

Blackface 198p Maidencots, 197p, 195p, 194p Whiteside, 194p Clonrae, 191p Whiteside, Poltalloch & Golden Lane.


Suffolk £110 Bidlake, £104 Cardewlees, £94 Maidencots, £92 Golden Lane, £91 Gillenbie.

Greyface £110 Viewley, £106 Roses Bower, £102 Viewley.

Texel £108 Roses Bower, £106 Bidlake, £104 Cardewlees, £95 Goodhope, £94 Eastside, £90 Golden Lane, Goodhope & Pearsbyhall.

North Country Cheviot £106 Bidlake, £95 Effgill.

Charollais £100 Whiteside.

Beltex £92 Shankcastle.

Blackface £90 Sceugh Dyke & Poltalloch.

A larger show of3,791 cast ewes and ramswas presented to a full compliment of buyer’s, all classes would be £2-3 sharper on the week especially mules, hill sheep and lean selling ewes. Many more could be sold to advantage. Sale topped at £157 for Texel ewes from Messrs Bell, Roxburghmill and rams to £141 for Charollais from Chaseside.


Texel £157 Roxburghmill, £156 Hillhead, £150 Beckfoot & Burgh Head, £149 Chaseside & Beckfoot, £146 Cubbyhill & Kirkton, £140 Chaseside, £138 Mill View, £136 Gilside, £134 Beckfoot, £132 Brisco Meadow.

Charollais £146 Abbey Cowper, £133 Fowrass, £128 Beckfoot & Dinwoodie Green, £116 Chaseside & Abbey Cowper, £112 Chaseside, £110 Abbey Cowper, £108, £104 Chaseside.

Suffolk £128 Fowrass, £116 Fairways, £114 The Wreay, The Land & Smyllum, £113 Burgh Head, £111 Broomhill, £110 Roxburgh Mains, £109 Marygate, £108 Chaseside, Oakdene, Beckfoot & Rottington Hall, £107 Beckfoot & Cardewlees, £106 Chaseside & Mossburnford, £101, £100 Marygate.

Beltex £124 Hillcrest, £110 Tercrosset, £104 Fenton.

Blue Faced Leicester £106 Burgh Head, £95 Woodhall & Burnhouse, £90 Clonrae.

Cheviot Mule £98 Symllum, £94 Tarrasfoot.

Greyface £95 Beckhouse, £90 Sornfallow, £89 Trecorner & Munraw, £88 Largie, Viewley & Hollytree, £87 Roses Bower, £86 Mouldy Hills, Mill View & Barglachan, £85 Low Hallburn.

North Country Cheviot £94 Swinside Townfoot, £93 Carruthers, £88 Sornfallow, £86 Effgill & Beckfoot, £85 Pacelstown, £84 Tarrasfoot.

Blue du Maine £80 Tercrosset.


Blackface £78 Longyester, £76 Roxburghmill, £74 Aikengall & longyester, £72 Mouldy Hills, £70 Roxburghmill, £69 Whitegates, £68 Clonrae & Viewley, £66 Silloans, £63 Woodhall, £62 Coshogle, £61 Craigdhy, £60 Toft House & Aikengall.

Hill Cheviot £74 Upper Hindhope & Nirvana, £68 Ardnacross, £59 Largie, £58 Cara View, £57 Boldron, £56 Pasture House.

Easycare £74 Blackhaugh, £71, £67 Godscroft, £67 Blackhaugh.

Lleyn £68 Cardewlees.

Goat £64 East Mill Stables.

Swaledale £64 Pasture House, £58 Shankfieldhead, £56 Burnhouse, £51 Knarr.

Beulah £61 Golden Lane.

Herdwick £58, £50 Farlam Hill, £50 Pasture House.


Charollais £141 Chaseside, £140 Oakdene, £124 Dundraw.

Texel £130 The Wreay, £128 Heatheridge, £124 Carruthers, £122 Upper Tinwald, £118 Minsca, £110 Kinning Hall, £108 Viewley, £106 Dinwoodie Green, £100 Beckfoot.

Blue Faced Leicester £124, £120 Knarr, £107 Woodhall.

North Country Cheviot £120 Beckfoot, £106 Barnakill.

Suffolk £108 Fenton, £100 Beckfoot.

Blackface £102 Toft House, £91 Woodhall, £82 Roxburghmill.

Cheviot £91 Viewley.

Dorset £90 Beckfoot.


Light to -------p (------p)
Medium to 200.0p (198.0p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to 196.0p (196.0p)
Medium to 244.0p (230.2p)
Heavy to 230.0p (225.8p)

Bulls to 190.0p (189.0p)

Light to 275.0p (235.3p)
Standard to 324.0p (237.5p)
Medium to 270.0p (240.0p)
Heavy to 258.0p (238.1p)
Overweight 205.0p (190.0p)

Light to 194.0p (169.3p)
Standard to 217.0p (184.1p)
Medium to 211.0p (182.4p)
Heavy to 204.0p (178.9p)

Shearlings 225.0p (172.5p)

Light to £78.00 (£55.22)
Heavy to £157.00 (£87.23)

Rams £141.00 (£82.13)

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