Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 29 cattle, 2,582 prime lambs and 5,710 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 20th July 2017.

The company held its weekly sale of primestock where an entry of 29 prime cattle and OTM’s were forward. An increased ring of buyers were present and all classes were an excellent trade and all vendors left delighted with their return.

OTM’s: Woodhouse Limousin x cows sell to £1,120.00 & Andrew Ewing’s Limousin sells to 165p.

Increased numbers were easily handled at sale time with bidders in all corners of the ring, and an overall average of 125p achieved. Topping the sale was a Limousin x cow from Messrs Ewing, Dumbretton at 165p, with the sister selling to 158p. Dairy bred sucklers topped at 134p from Norman Douglas, with others to 133p from Andrew Forster. Notable prices in the lump were from Mr Woodhouse’ tank of a cow at £1,120.00.

Bulls and prime: A short entry topped at £1,256.10 for a twelve month old Limousin x bull from Messrs Forster, Riggfoot, who sold others at a similar age at £1,181.50. At ringside were two butchers who could not open their accounts due to lack of numbers.

Next week, let’s not disappoint! Remember maximum commission £30 and prompt payment.

Sell live and thrive!

A larger show of 2,582 spring lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers. Trade was easier on the week in line with national trend, with far more lambs forward in the 35-38kg bracket lacking flesh. This resulted in well fleshed heavyweight lambs being darer and remaining short of requirements, please make sure all lambs are suitably fleshed.

A top of 232p was achieved for excellent Texel lambs from Mr Robert Carruthers, Hill Brae and to £117 for Texels from Messrs Haston, Dearham Hall. Overall sale average 204.0ppk (SQQ 205.0ppk).


Texel 232p Hill Brae, 230p Greensburn & Roughet Hill, 229p Kirkton of Crawford & Beckhall, 228p Old Wall, 226p Kimmeter Green, 224p High Greenhill, 223p Bridgestone, 221p Dearham Hall, Hill Brae, Kilnford Croft & Roughet Hill.

Beltex 223p Wallend.

Suffolk 214p Fenton, 211p Westend, Ormiston, Beckhall & Kilnford Croft, 210p Bowsden Moor, Fenton & Hallburn, 209p Whins, 208p Westend, Ormiston & Albierigg, 207p Kilnford Croft & Outertown, 206p Tone Hall.

Charollais 213p Paddockhole, 211p McMurdo Road, 207p Springfield Farm Court, 205p Knowe, 202p McMurdo Road, 200p Kimmeter Green & Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Berrichon 211p Sceugh Dyke.

Cross 209p Hill Brae, 207p Penpeugh, 205p Paddockhole, 203p Whiteside, 200p Low Chesterhope.

Hampshire 209p, 196p Barnglies.

Beulah 203p Howcleugh.

Cheviot Mule 202p Kirk House, 200p Barnglies.

Oxford 200p, 193p Guards.

Half-Bred 198p Earlside.

Cheviot 197p Culquhasen.

Blackface 186p Penpeugh.


Texel £117 Dearham Hall, £107 Old Hall & Windyhill, £106 Roughet Hill, £103.50 Old Wall, £103 Roachburn, £101 Greensburn, £100 Mill View, Old Wall, Roachburn & Catslackburn, £99 Longrow & Banks Head, £98 Kilnhill.

Suffolk £110, £100 Beechgrove, £100 High Floweryhirst, £100, £97 Kilnford Croft, £96.50 Fenton, £95 Sceugh Dyke, High Floweryhirst & Beckhall, £94 Shankbridge End, £92 Fenton & Whins.

Hampshire £104, £94 Barnglies.

Charollais £99 McMurdo Road, £96 Paddockhole, £86, £84 Knowe.

Cheviot Mule £94 Barnglies, £90 Colmslie Hill, £89 Kirk House.

Berrichon £89 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot £88 Culquhasen.

Cross £87 Penpeugh, £86 Low Chesterhope, £84 Spoutbank, £81.50 Hill Brae, £80 Paddockhole.

Half-Bred £87 Earlside.

Oxford £86 Guards.

Beltex £85 Wallend.

The largest show for many months of 5,710 cast ewes and rams was presented to a full compliment of buyer’s. With many more on offer trade was inevitably easier on last week’s flying trade. Heavy ewes would be £3-4 easier, with the smaller plainer end of hill ewes £6-8 less. Rams sold at recent rates and were short of buyer requirements.

Sale topped at £158 for a pen of Texel ewes from Messrs Hastone, Dearham Hall, Maryport. Rams topped at £140 for a Texel from Chaseside.


Texel £158 Dearham Hall & Haltcliffe, £153 Gote Mill House, £152 The Wreay, £145 Eastside, £144 Haltcliffe, £142 Chaseside, £140 Whitehall, £138 Bowsden Moor, Bardnaclaven & New Grange, £134, £132 Aspatria Hall, £130 Falla & Viewley.

Suffolk £120 Pastures View & Cambeckhill, £116 Lintlaw, £113 Chaseside, Beckfoot & Clackmae, £112 Hole House & Colmslie Hill, £110 Morley Hill, The Wreay, £109, £108 New Grange, £107 Beckfoot, £106 Heatherglen, £105 Thornington, £104 Sowerby Wood, £103 Eastside, £102 Clackmae & Bowsden Moor, £100 Falla.

Charollais £115 Beckfoot, £111, £105 Chaseside.

Beltex £108 Copperthorns.

North Country Cheviot £104, £101, £97 Pastures View, £91 Larkhall, £90 Pastures View.

Cheviot Mule £98 Clackmae, £96 Skelfhill, £94 Colmslie Hill, £90 Broom Park.

Blue Faced Leicester £97 Marygate, £95 Hill Brae, £94 Morley Hill, £93 Hill Brae, £90 Woodhall, £88 Penpeugh.

Zwartble £97 Lintlaw.

Cross £94 Marchbank, £90 Aspatria Hall, £89 Barnglieshead, £88 Bankhead, £87 Beckhall, £85 Unthank & Jacksonrigg, £84 Broomhills & Copperthorns.

Dorset £82, £78 Trevemper.


Kendal Rough £77 Church View.

Blackface £72 Clennell, £67 Woodhall, £65 Midlock, £61 Howden, £60 Woodhall, £54 Crookston, Clennell, Hill Brae & Midlock.

Easycare £66 Mossfennan.

Cheviot £60 Shawhill & Carterton, £58 Tarnside, £50 Broom Park, £48 Sorrowlessfield Mains, £47 Thompson Walls, £45 Burnhouse.

Lleyn £57 Thompson Walls.

Beulah £56 Little Westcott.

Welsh £53 Gote Mill House.

Swaledale £50 Fordlands, £48 Marygate, £47 Spoutbank & Haltcliffe, £45 Pasture House, £44 Furze Down, £42 Marygate, Bateyshield & Stonehall.


Texel £140 Chaseside, £130 Dockray Hall, £126 Beckfoot, £117 Anden, £116 Broom Park & Heatherglen, £110, £108 Crookston, £106 Chaseside.

Blue Faced Leicester £128 Marygate.

Zwartble £128 Broom Park.

North Country Cheviot £122 Broom Park, £109 Stonehall, £106 Bardnaclaven.

Easycare £118 Fearn.

Suffolk £116 Sibmister, £100 Broomhills & Golden Lane.

Charollais £116 Golden Lane.

Light to 170.0p (163.3p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (------p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Bulls to 170.0p (164.2p)

Light to 211.0p (187.8p)
Standard to 232.0p (202.8p)
Medium to 230.0p (207.7p)
Heavy to 230.0p (208.5p)
Overweight 221.0p (181.3p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Standard to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to £77.00 (£45.46)
Heavy to £158.00 (£81.37)

Rams £140.00 (£91.29)

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