Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 34 cattle, 4,135 prime lambs and 7,259 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th October 2017.

More cast cows on offer with a mixed show of quality but trade stood firm considering the drop in market prices this week. The sale topped at 149p twice, firstly for a Shorthorn from Messrs Moore, Softley the again for a Limousin from J P Lee, Morley Hills. Limousin cows peaked at £1,177.10 from Morley Hills then £1,122.20 from PJ & L Dixon, Upperburnmouth.



Limousin 149p Morley Hill, 134p Upperburnmouth, 114p Gillalees.

Shorthorn 149p Softley.

Charolais 131p Ryehills.

Luing 128p Arkleton.

Saler 124p, 122p Gillalees.

Galloway 120p Arkleton, 106p Borelands Cottage.

Angus 118p Penchrise.

British Blue 114p Laverhay.

Friesian 109p Harelawhole.



Limousin £1,177 Morley Hill, £1,112 Upperburnmouth, £957 Gillalees.

Charolais £1074 Ryehills.

Luing £921 Arkleton.

Saler £843 Gillalees.

British Blue £779 Knarr.

Galloway £768 Arkelton.

Shorthorn £737 Softley.



Friesian 147p, 140p Jerriestown.

Montbeliard 143p, 140p Jerriestown.

A large show of 4,135 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers. The best quality lambs easily maintained recent rates in all weight ranges and with top lambs short of requirements. Some best lambs in the 44-48kg bracket are coming forward too thick, whilst heavyweight lambs are still coming to good pounds per head. Lightweight lambs vary some what especially horned lambs which are not well fleshed.

A noticeable problem each week is the number of lambs coming forward in the 36-44kg weight range lacking flesh and realising little more than current store trade, which in result is damaging the weekly average as the best fleshed lambs are making some 10-20p per kilo more, therefore the overall market average is false. Please take more care when grading lambs, also please note all wet and dirty lambs are now required to be belly clipped.

Sale topped at 259p for a pen of wonderful Beltex lambs from regular consignor Messrs Story, Greenburn, Canonbie. Top price per head of £104 for great Texel lambs from another regular supporter IHG Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick. Overall sale average was 165.9p (SQQ 165.3p).


Beltex 259p Greenburn, 250p Whitstonehill, 228p Shaw Head, 212p Shankcastle, 209p Wallend, 208p Walton Highrigg, 205p Wallend.

Texel 233p Greenburn, 230p Kirk House, 228p Fenton, 228p, 220p Woodhead, 218p Peela Hill & Burray, 216p Windyhill, 215p Chirdon, 214p Kirkton of Crawford.

Charollais 190p, 180p Greenburn, 180p Pates Hill, 178p Burray, 175p Knowe.

Suffolk 187p Shaw Head, 182p Tone Hall, 177p Calrossie, 175p Sceugh Dyke, 174p Brisco Meadows, Fell House, Fenton & Burray.

Cheviot 173p Hallburn, 159p Fenwick, 156p Cronklea, 151p Littlegill.

Berrichon 173p, 167p Sceugh Dyke.

Cross 165p Greensburn, 164p Hightown & Peela Hill, 161p Minsca, D’Mainholm & Westernhopeburn, 160p Low Closegill, Midtodhills & Minsca.

Cheviot Mule 164p Kirk House.

Blackface 163p D’Mainholm, 157p Roughet Hill, 154p New Hummerbecks, 153p Chirdon, 150p Peela Hill, Carnavel & Chapel Farm.


Texel £104 Skelfhill, £99 Woodhead & Kirk House, £98 Greenburn, £97 Over Whitlaw & Little Galla, £95 Kirk House, £94 Burray & Bombie, £93 Windyhill.

Beltex £101 Greenburn, £92 Wallend, £87 Shankcastle & Shaw Head, £81 Walton Highrigg, £80 Wallend & Whitstonehill.

Suffolk £92 Tarrasfoot, £91 Sceugh Dyke, £88 Cowburnrigg, £87 Tone Hall & Sceugh Dyke, £85 Fenton, Tarrasfoot & Tone Hall, £84 Guardsmill, £83 Weeds.

Charollais £90 Sceugh Dyke, £89 Burray, £87.50 Knowe, £84 Hazelgill, £81, £80 Greenburn.

Berrichon £76, £72 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot £76 Hallburn, £67 Cronklea, £62 Fenwick.

Hampshire £75 Barnglies.

Cross £74 Minsca, £73.50 Greensburn, £73 Hazelgill, £72.50 Minsca, Greensburn, Nunscleugh & Littlegill, £72 Hightown, £71 Westerhopeburn, £70 Upperburnmouth.

Cheviot Mule £73 Skelfhill, £72 Kirk House.

Blackface £69 Roughet Hill.

A larger show of 7,259 cast ewes and rams attracted the usual full ring of buyers, however a very large percentage of the sale comprised of plain, lean hill ewes resulting in their average being £4-5 back on the week. Heavy ewes remain sought after, especially the best end with their average unaltered on the week. Rams remained similar.

Sale topped at £146 for Texel rams from Messrs Scott, Falla with Texel ewes to £142 from Douganhill Farms.


Texel £142 Douganhill, £141 Yatesfield, £139 Crumhaughhill, £138 Keith & Over Whitlaw, £137 Viewley, £135 Beckfoot, £134 Viewley & Eastside, £132 Heatherglen, £131 Viewley, £130 Hawthornside & Beckfoot, £128 Myrelandhorn, £126 Woodhead.

Beltex £124 The Wreay.

Charolais £114 Beckfoot, £108 Chaseide, £100 The Wreay, £96 Beckfoot, £90 Chaseside.

Suffolk £106 Beckfoot, £105 Mosburnford & Chaseside, £104 Chaseside, £102 Eastside & Skelfhill, £100 Falla, £98 Eastside, £96 Chaseside & Beckfoot, £94 Kinknockie, £91 Mossburnford & Sibmister, £90 Chaseside & Crumhaughhill.

Half-bred £96 Green Aton.

North Country Cheviot £91 Forss, £87 Viewley, £86 Netherton, £84 Chaseside & Bradley, £82 Brockhouse & Skaill, £80 Forss.

Blue Faced Leicester £80 Peela Hill & Silloans, £78 Morley Hill, £76 Green Aton, £72 Lawesknowe, £70 Whiteside, Kilnstown & Hightown.

Cross £76 Jerriestown, £72 Newbigging, £68 Yatesfield & Upper Senwick, £66 Dawyck Estate, £65 Falla & Peela Hill, £64 Eastside, Fern House, Buckabank & Rinnion Hills, £63 Firth & Green Aton.

Cheviot Mule £76 Douganhill & Broom Park, £70 Gilmanscleugh.


Lleyn £66 Laneside, £60 South Bowerhouse, £60, £56 Over Whitlaw, £58 Laneside & Williamwood, £52 Guards, £50 Laneside.

Cheviot £56 Fenwick, £55 Glendinning, £55, £53, £50 Catslackburn, £50 Wynholm, £47 Glendinning, £46 Arkleton, Davington & Whitstonehill, £45 Carlenrigg, £44 Keith, £40 Granton.

Blackface £52 Eastside & Green Aton, £51 Yatesfield & Baitlaws, £46 The Wreay, D’Mainholm & Chapel Farm, £45 Barron House, £43 Keith, £42 Eastside, £40 D’Mainholm & Skelfhill.

Easycare £50 Green Aton, £46 Bank House.

Swaledale £35 Stotsfold, £34 Blakelaw, Wynholm & Kilnstown, £32 Hightown, £31 Midtodhills, £30 Woodhouse, Blakelaw & Eastside.


Texel £146 Falla, £122 Burray, £116 Beckfoot, £100 Catslackburn.

Beltex £135 Hollands.

Blue Faced Leicester £134, £120 Easter Dawyck, £115 Whiteside, £108 Wynholm.

Charollais £126 Buckabank, £118 Chaseside, £110 Green Aton.

Suffolk £118 Sibmister, £108 Milnholm & Hayfield.

Lleyn £116 South Bowerhouses, £104 Laneside.

Berrichon £110 Green Aton.

Cheviot £98 Cossarhill, £97 Glendinning, £88 Carlenrigg, £85 Cossarhill.

North Country Cheviot £94 Bardnaclaven.

Blackface £86 Glendinning.


Bulls to 147.0p (142.5p)

Light to 250.0p (138.9p)
Standard to 259.0p (155.8p)
Medium to 233.0p (173.4p)
Heavy to 204.0p (169.5p)
Overweight 174.0p (151.1p)

Light to £66.00 (£28.75)
Heavy to £142.00 (£66.45)

Rams to £146.00 (£77.78)

corresponding week 2016 sale report