Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,564 prime hoggs and 2,623 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 21st March 2019.

Cast cows again a selling at a sharper trade with more required on a weekly basis. Hereford cows to 108p and Limousins to 106p both shown by Waterhead of Dryfe Ltd, Lockerbie.   

Over 4,500 hoggs were forward which were a mixed quality show. All hoggs of any weight were dearer on the week with an overall average of 194.0p (SQQ 202.6p). Buyers were very keen to purchase with numbers short of requirements. Top end of the best hoggs sold in excess of 300p and to a top of 316p for Beltex hoggs from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth and to 313p from J Guthrie, Cuiltburn, Crieff. Export hoggs saw the majority selling at 210-220p per kilo.

Heavy hoggs, not as many about, trade up £5 per head on the week and topped at £140 for Texel hoggs shown by Messrs MacTaggart, Station Yard, Castle Douglas. Suffolks sold to £94.50 Falla, Greyface to £90.50 Uppercleuch and North Country Cheviots to £92 from Swinside Townfoot.

Another excellent show of Hill Cheviots and Blackface hoggs sold very well with a top of £91.50 for Cheviots from Sherra Craig & Becks with Blackfaces to £90.50 from Linfairn.

Light hoggs all sold between 200-220p per kilo with demand very strong. Top of £75 for 32kg Texel hoggs being sold by Messrs MacTaggart, Castle Douglas and A Tiffin, Wham Head, Penrith.


Beltex 316p Easter Ochtermuthill, 313p Cuiltburn, 300p Peartree Cottage & Aspatria Hall, 297p Low Garth, 290p Cuiltburn & Newton Cottage, 287p Breckon Hill, 285p Drumcairn, 279p Breckon Hill, 275p Drumcairn.

Texel 281p Gillesbie, 270p Pasture House, 254p Station Yard, 253p Oswie, 251p Station Yard, 244p Main Street, 243p Golden Lane, 242p Drumcairn, 240p Newton Cottage & Drumcairn.    

Cheviot 220p Raeburnhead, 216p Routin Lynn, 214p Killeonan, 213p North House & Newton Cottage, 211p Unthank, 209p Glendearg & Westernhopeburn, 208p West Scales & Newton Cottage, 207p Caverslea, 205p Becks & West Scales.

Suffolk 218p Tomaig, 206p Guardsmill & Cardewlees, 201p Beech Knowe, 200p Pilmuir, 196p Sceugh Dyke, 195p Auchengray.

Blackface 212p The Yett, 205p Wham Head, 202p Glendearg, 201p Linfairn & Megdale, 200p Maryholm, 198p Glendearg, 197p Woodfoot, 196p Newton Cottage, Balachallan, 195p Knockreoch, Milnmark & Newton Cottage.

Cheviot Mule 210p, 205p Darralea, 204p Main Street, 202p Darralea, 201p Cocklawfoot.   

North Country Cheviot 209p Glendearg.    

Herdwick 206p Main Street, 204p High Oaks, 201p Orthwaite Hall.   

Mule 205p Killeonan, 195p Pasture House, 194p Routin Lynn, 192p Pilmuir, 190p Routin Lynn.    

Charollais 204p Beech Knowe.   

Swaledale 180p Wham Head, 176p Newbiggin, 175p Orthwaite Hall.  


Texel £140 Station Yard, £129 Romesbeoch, £117 Falla, £116 Drumcairn, £113 Station Yard & Easter Ochtermuthill, £111 Low Garth, £110 Easter Ochtermuthill & Branteth, £109 Park Nook, £108 Kirtlebank, Harestone & Drumcairn.  

Beltex £130 Drumcairn, £128, £125 Cuiltburn, £122 Newton Cottage, £121 Cuiltburn, £120 Aspatria Hall, Drumcairn, Easter Ochtermuthill, Breckon Hill & Peartree Cottage, £119 Drumcairn, £118, £117 Breckon Hill, £117 Easter Ochtermuthill, £115 Breckon Hill.

Charollais £96 Auchengray, £95, £92 Eastside, £90 Tinnishall.  

Suffolk £94.50 Falla, £94 Upper Mains, £93, £92 Sceugh Dyke, £91 Auchengray, £90 Sceugh Dyke, Auchengray, Park Nook, Tinnishall & Longyester.  

North Country Cheviot £92 Swinside Townfoot, £92, £91.50 Glendearg, £90 Harestone.  

Cheviot £91.50 Sherra Craig & Becks, £90.50 West Scales, £90 Glendearg, Unthank & Longburgh Fauld, £89.50 Glendearg, Raeburnfoot & Longburgh Fauld.

Mule £90.50 Uppercleuch, £87.50 Jerriestown, Bromfield, Newton Cottage & Routin Lynn, £86 Main

Street, £85.50 Hollands, £85 Kirkhouse.

Cheviot Mule £90.50 Cocklawfoot, £89 Darralea, £88.50 Guardsmill.    

Blackface £90.50 Linfairn, £85 The Green, £82 Harestone, £80.50 Megdale, £80 The Yett.

Herdwick £86.50 Main Street, £83.50 High Oaks.  

Swaledale £71.50 Newbiggin, £68.50 Gate Ghyll, Wham Head & Newbiggin.

A smaller show of 2,623 cast ewes and rams attracted a much larger ring of buyers with the result seeing ewes £10-15 per head dearer on the week, with numbers very short of requirements. 493 ewes sold at £100 or more to average £121.51, with an overall average of £78.96.

Top of £183 for Texel ewes from G K Jamieson, Woodhead, Annan and Chaseside. Suffolks ewes sold to £140 from Catslackburn, with Greyface ewes to £92 from High House and North Country Cheviots to £99 from Beckfoot. Hill ewes sold to £84 for Cheviots from Archbank Farming Co., Moffat, with the majority making around the £70 mark. Rams to £124 for Suffolks from W Pringle, Caverslea, Hawick.


Texel £183 Woodhead & Chaseside, £170 Stonehouse, £169 Beckfoot, £168 Caverslea, £165 Sunnycroft, £158 Tercrosset, Croft House & Sunnycroft, £153 Beckfoot, £152 Chaseside, £150 Sanderson House, £145 Calf Park, £144 Broomhills & Chaseside, £140 Tercrosset.

Beltex £164 Wood Farm, £158, £150, £144 Easter Ochtermuthill, £133 Viewley, £127 Uppercleuch, £124 Easter Ochtermuthill, £122 Wood Farm, £120 Croft House.  

Suffolk £140 Catslackburn, £124 Calf Park, £114 North House & Catslackburn, £112 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £110 Longyester, £108 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £106 Eastside, £106, £104 Townfoot, £104 Chaseside & Beech Knowe, £102 Townfoot & Golden Lane, £100 Easter Ochtermuthill & Golden Lane.

Charollais £139 Beckfoot, £122 Croft House, £118 Chaseside, £116 Beckfoot.

Rouge £130 Beckfoot.    

Blue du Maine £124 Croft House.

Bluefaced Leicester £102 Crookston.

North Country Cheviot £99 Beckfoot, £94 Harestone, £89 Whins, £85 Falla Hill.

Half-bred £94 Allfornaught.  

Zwartble £94 Dashwell Green.    

Mule £92 High House, £91 Woodfoot, £90 Allfornaught, £87 Lower Ardmannoch, £86 Townfoot, £85 Falla Hill, Crookston, Main Street, £84 Brisco Meadows & Main Street, £83 Newhope, Parkside & Viewley.  

Cheviot Mule £88 Beech Knowe & Solwaybank, £86 Harestone.

Border Leicester £88 Lephinmore.   


Cheviot £84 Archbank, £81 Sorbietrees, £76 Chapel House, £75 Viewley, £74 Woodfoot, £71 Thomas Telford Road, £70 Solwaybank & Milnholm.

Blackface £78 Longyester, £76 Viewley, £75 Falla Hill, £74 Mains of Collin, Stonehouse & Peela Hill, £71 Milnmark, £70 High House & Peel Farm.  

Herdwick £69 Orthwaite Hall.

Swaledale £63 Broadmea, £61 South Wooley.


Suffolk £124 Caverslea.    

Texel £121 Longyester, £106 Viewley & Granton Mill, £105 Falla Hill, £104 Caverslea, £102 Victoria Street.   

Charollais £120 Hallburn.  

Bluefaced Leicester £106 Broadmea.  

Cheviot £92 Mainside.     

North Country Cheviot £83 Whiteknowe.  

Blackface £73 The Yett, £72 Longyester.


Light to 234.0p (193.6p)
Standard to 315.0p (197.6p)
Medium to 312.0p (205.9p)
Heavy to 270.0p (177.6p)

Light to £84.00 (£56.35)
Heavy to £183.00 (£93.45)

Rams to £124.00 (£76.42)

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