Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 15 cattle, 5,228 prime hoggs and 2,367 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 4th April 2019.

Another good entry of cows was forward with extra buyers again present and all classes in demand. More required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at 148p for Luings shown by J Baxter, Kilnhill, Gilsland. Highland cows sold well to a top of 124p from Killellan Park, Campbeltown. Beef Shorthorns to 117p from AN & HS Tomkins, Hallfords, Hethersgill with Angus cows selling at 115p from TD & JR Byers, Cubbyhill. British Blue and Limousin cows to 112p both from D Dewar & Son, Arivore, Campbeltown. Top price per head of £1,069 for Angus from Cubbyhill, Luings to £1,028 from Kilnhill and Beef Shorthorns sold to £953 from Hallsford.

A larger show of 5,228 prime hoggs were another excellent quality show. Trade dearer throughout the sale for all weights up to 50kg, heavy hoggs over that weight were slightly firmer. Overall average 204.8p (SQQ 221.0p).

Best Beltex and Texel hoggs met an absolutely fantastic trade with many pens over 300p per kilo and to a top of 344p for a wonderful pen of Beltex hoggs from M Dunlop, Corstane, Lanark. Top average was £127 per head and 287ppk for a consignment of 50 Beltex hoggs shown by DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth.

Commercial export hoggs were a great trade with many pens 230p per kilo plus and another great show of Cheviot & Blackface hoggs forward. Cheviots to £100 from Upper Hindhope and Blackface hoggs to £97.50 from Barlaes.

Heavy hoggs were a much larger entry of 2,350 above 46kg and sold readily throughout the sale to a top of £138 for Beltex from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries. Suffolks to £105.50 East Murkle, Charollais to £108 Upper Auchenlay, Greyface to £99.50 Maidencots and North Country Cheviots to £100 The Land & Station Yard, with more than 804 selling over the £100 barrier.

Light hoggs again selling at an extreme trade with many good quality pens selling between 220-240p to a top of £72.50 for 32kg Blackface hoggs from Kirkhouse and to 241p for Beltex hoggs for 29kg (£70) Beltex hoggs from Nether Stenries.


Beltex 344p Corstane, 325p Hollands, 319p Oakwood, 318p Upper Auchenlay, 316p Easter Ochtermuthill, 310p Aspatria Hall, 309p Peartree Cottage, 302p Easter Ochtermuthill, 300p Hollands.

Texel 266p, 259p Kirtlebank, 251p Compstone End, 250p Broadlea Cottage & Gate Ghyll, 243p Uppercleuch, 241p Gate Ghyll, 238p Broathill & Auchengray, 236p Broadlea Cottage, 235p Uppercleuch, 234p Drumreach, Prestrie & New Hummerbecks, 233p Oswie, 232p Blarghour & Broadlea Cottage, 231p New Hummerbecks, 230p Upper Auchenlay & Blackwoodridgehouse.

Blackface 240p Eriff Estate, 232p Prior Rigg, 227p Kirkhouse, 224p West Scales, 222p Barlaes, 221p Glenshanna, 220p Barlaes, Jerriestown & Kirkhouse.   

Cheviot 232p West Scales, 231p Micklethwaite, 230p Becks, 227p Prior Rigg, 226p Yett & Longburgh Fauld, 225p West Scales, 223p, 222p Becks, 222p West Scales, 221p Sandbed, Daill & Wyseby Hill Cottage, 220p Bloch & Tempest Tower.   

Charollais 228p Upper Auchenlay.  

Suffolk 224p Mackilston, 221p Clachan, 220p Plumpe, 218p Guardsmill, 217p Kirtlebank, 211p New Hummerbecks, 207p Linton, 206p Guardsmill, 204p Kirkhouse, 202p Oswie, 200p Plantation Cottage.  

Cheviot Mule 222p Pasture House.     

North Country Cheviot 220p Plumpe, 213p Lawesknowe.

Mule 212p Clachan, 211p Blarghour, 210p Prestrie, 208p Lawesknowe, 205p Nunscleugh & Compstone End, 204p Romesbeoch, 203p Maidencots, 202p Prestrie, Kirkhouse & Nether Albie, 200p Dundraw & Nunscleugh.

Herdwick 208p Cardewlees, 206p Pasture House.

Swaledale 207p Clachan, 200p Wham Head, 198p Largiemore, 192p Clachan.   


Beltex £138 Kilnford Croft, £136 Easter Ochtermuthill, £134 Corstane, £133 Easter Ochtermuthill, £131 Upper Auchenlay, £130 Hollands & Peartree, Blennerhasset, £128, £127 Easter Ochtermuthill, £124.50 Oakwood, £124 Upper Auchenlay & Aspatria Hall, £123 Easter Ochtermuthill, £122 Upper Auchenlay.  

Texel £116 Dundraw, £115 Drumreach, £111 Kirtlebank, £110.50 Dundraw, £110 Auchengool Cottage, Nether Stenries, Broadlea Cottage & Bombie, £109.50 & £109 Dundraw & West Glengyre, £108 Oswie, £106.50 Kirtlebank, £106 Dundraw & Sykehead, £105.50 Nether Locharwoods, £105 Raggetsyke, Auchengray, Broathill & Bombie.

Charollais £108, £103 Upper Auchenlay, £102.50 Muirston.

Suffolk £105.50 East Murkle, £103.50 New Hummerbecks, £100 Plantation Cottage, £99.50 Linton, £99 Oswie, £98 Kirkhouse, Guardsmill & Sykehead, £97 Plantation Cottage & Oswie, £96.50 Mackilston, £95.50 Kirtlebank, Church Street & Midtown, £95 Guardsmill.  

North Country Cheviot £100 The Land, £100, £97, £96.50 Station Yard, £96 The Land, £95 Station Yard & The Land, £94.50 Station Yard, £94 The Land, £93.50 Station Yard, £92.50 Plumpe, £91 The Land.    

Cheviot £100 Upper Hindhope, £99 Tempest Tower, £98.50 Bromfield Hall, £98 Becks & Daill, £97.50 Sandbead & Daill, £97 Yett, Cooms, Blackwoodridgehouse, Skelfhill, Bloch & Becks, £96.50 Sandbed, Tempest Tower, High House & Prestrie.

Blackface £97.50 Barlaes, £97 Glenshanna, £96.50 Yett, £96 Upper Hindhope, £95 Longburgh Fauld & Kirkhouse, £94.50 Milnmark, £94 Kirkhouse, £93.50 Barlaes, £93 Glenshanna, £92.50 Prestrie, £90.50 Catslackburn, Barlaes, Jerriestown & Linton, £90 Upper Tinwald, West Scales, Pasture House & Glendinning.   

Mule £99.50 Maidencots, £95 Dumreach, Kirhouse & Prestrie, £94.50 Nunscleugh, £94 Dundraw, £93 Nether Albie, £91.50 Westernhopeburn, Jerriestown & Weary Hall Style, £90 Compstone End & West Glengyre.

Cheviot Mule £95.50 Pasture House.  

Herdwick £93.50 Cardewlees.    

Swaledale £80 Westernhopeburn, £78.50 Clachan.  

A similar entry of 2,367 cast ewes and rams saw more buyers present. Trade again very good with numbers getting scarce. Everything very dear except the over fat heavy sorts. Best Beltex and Texel ewes were an exceptional trade and sold to a top of £168 for Texels from R Lawson, Aton.

320 heavy ewes sold at £100 and more to average £118.80.  An overall average of £77.58.

Charollais to £125 Beckfoot, Suffolks to £119 The Land, Greyfaces to £84 Oaklands and North Country Cheviots to £82 Beckfoot. Light ewes to £79 for Cheviots from Arkleton, with Blackface ewes to £75 from Woodfoot. Swaledales to £66 from Spital Shields and Herdwicks to £56 from Orthwaite Hall. Cast rams sold to £132 for Texels from The Crook.


Texel £168, £167 Aton, £166 Fineview, £158 Auchengool Cottage, Kilnford Croft & Kilnclose, £154 Nether Stenries, £152 Beckfoot & Bassenthwaite Hall, £151 Aton, £148 Kilncroft & Aton, £146 Dunjop & West Glengyre, £145 Nether Stenries, £144 Wellington Farm, Aspatria, £140 Viewley, Golden Lane & Nether Stenries.    

Beltex £140 Bassenthwaite Hall, £132 Aton, £130 Eastside, £128 West Glengyre, £127 The Wreay, £122 West Glengyre.

Charollais £125 Beckfoot, £122 Golden Lane, £118, £116, £114 Beckfoot, £110 Nether Stenries.   

Suffolk £119 The Land, £112 Beck, East Murkle & Nether Stenries, £110 The Land, £109 Beckfoot, £106 Kilnford Croft & Gill Farm,Wigton, £104 The Land & Kilnford Croft, £102 Beckfoot & Riddings Hill, £100 Auchengray.   

Blue du Maine £114 Drumreach.

Mule £84 Oaklands & Sykehead, £83 Culquhasen, £80 Sykehead & Burnhouse, £79 Allfornaught, £77 Townfoot, £76 Viewley, Spital Shields & Redgate Head, £75 Prestrie, Golden Lane & Culquhasen.  

Half-bred £84 Nether Stenries.

North Country Cheviot £82 Beckfoot, £81 Drumreach.

Cheviot Mule £81 Dunjop.


Cheviot £79 Arkleton, £72 Cardewlees, £69 Dryfeholm, £66 Brackside, £63 Ballie, £62 Upper Hindhope, £60 Hayclose & Allfornaught.  

Blackface £75 Woodfoot, £72 Davdell, £70 Bramulloch, £68 Woodfoot, £67 Cranberry Brow & Longburgh Fauld.         

Kendal Rough £72 Woodfoot.

Kerry Hill £72 Castlewigg.  

Swaledale £66, £59 Spital Shields, £58 Cardewlees.  

Herdwick £56 Orthwaite Hall.


Texel £132 The Crook, £125 Nether Stenries, £116 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £122 Riddings Hill.

Charollais £110 Beckfoot.

Beltex £104 Kilnford Croft.

Bluefaced Leicester £94 Eastside.

Blackface £76 Kirkhope & Drumhumphry, £74 Earlshaugh.


Light to 241.0p (205.7p)
Standard to 344.0p (220.4p)
Medium to 325.0p (222.4p)
Heavy to 278.0p (183.8p)

Light to £79.00 (£53.06)
Heavy to £168.00 (£85.45)

Rams to £132.00 (£79.51)

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