Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 804 prime lambs, 2,480 prime hoggs and 3,957 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 30th May 2019.

Cast cows continue to sell at recent high rates with all classes in demand. More required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at 148p for a Limousin shown by BE & S Davidson, Bellfield, Longtown. Belted Galloway bulls sold to 127p from Gorrenberry, Hawick. Whitebred Shorthorn cow to 120p from RH & JR Little, Park Nook, Bewcastle with Angus cows selling to 119p and 117p from TD & JR Byers, Cubbyhill, Longtown. Top price per head of £1,029 and £987 for Angus from Cubbyhill, with Limousins to £1,006 from Bellfield.  

The 804 spring lambs were a larger entry on the week. Quality again excellent with byers keen for supplies. Overall average 242.9p, up 14p on the week with SQQ average 248.8p, up 10p per kilo.

Top price per kilo of 305p for Texel lambs from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries and for Beltex lambs shown by SD & A Allen, Ellerslea, Dalston.

Top price per head of £116 for Texels from Beckfoot and Beltex from Ellerslea. Light lambs 33-38kg very dear.


Texel 305p Kilnford Croft, 283p Beckfoot, 279p Kilnford Croft.  

Beltex 305p, 260p, 257p Ellerslea.  

Suffolk 251p Westhills, 247p Crawleas & Frankstown, 244p Hallburn.  

HB 242p Longburgh Fauld.

Berr 225p Sceugh Dyke.

Oxf 217p Whinney Brow.

Char 214p Sykehead.

Cross 210p Airds of Balcary.


Texel £116, £115 Beckfoot, £114 Kilnford Croft.  

Beltex £116, £104, £103 Ellerslea.

Suffolk £104.50 Gelston Castle, £103.50 Hollytree, £101.50 Blackrigg.

Char £103 Sykehead.  

Oxf £100 Whinney Brow.  

Another large show of 2,480 prime hoggs saw a mixed show for quality with the usual buyers ensuring trade was still very good. Good meat hoggs between 33-50kg making 200-210p per kilo.

Top price per kilo 216p for Beltex hoggs from D Holmes, Nutholm, Dumfries with top price per head of £116 for Texel hoggs shown by T & I Hamilton, Kilwhipnach, Campbeltown. Overall average was slightly dearer at 178.0p, SQQ 184.4p, up 2p all round.


Bel 216p Nutholm, 213p Drumcairn, 205p Upper Tinwald.  

Texel 214p New Hummerbecks, 208p Hyde Park, 207p New Hummerbecks.   

Cheviot 210p, 208p Keepwick.    

BF 202p, 201p Netherplace, 200p Mount Pleasant.  

Suffolk 201p Hyde Park, 198p Upper Senwick, 193p New Hummerbecks.  

Swale 186p Hyde Park.

Mule 184p The Hagg & Hyde Park, 180p Mount Pleasant.  

Chev Mule 177p, 173p Cassington.


Texel £116 Kilwhipnach, £104 South Farden, £100 Broomhills.  

Suffolk £108 High Crubasdale, £97 Scales Hall, £93 Tughall.

Cheviot £100 Broomhills, £90 Kelsocleugh.

Valais £100 Langdyke.

BF £98, £92 Sewing Shields.  

Hamp £96 South Farden.

Beltex £94 Drumcairn.  

Mule £90 Cara View.    

The 3,957 cast ewes and rams were a similar entry. All the usual buyers present with all classes very dear, with the exception of over fat ewes, which were again hard to sell. Best Beltex and Texels selling at a premium. 633 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £117.02, with an overall average of £80.50.

Texel ewes sold to £160 from N Woodmass, Foxglove & Beckfoot with hill ewes selling to £76 for Cheviots from G Jackson, Blackburn, Newcastleton. Rams to £137 for Texels from Heatherglen.  


Texel £160 Foxglove & Beckfoot, £157 Machrihanish, £156 Howgillside.  

Charollais £122 Springfield, £120 Viewley, £118 Beckfoot.  

Beltex £112 The Hagg, £108 The Green.   

Suffolk £108 Beckfoot & Thornington, £107 Loughrigg, Townhead & Sowerby Wood, £105 Knock.  

Zwartble £104 Wark Farm.

Cheviot Mule £94 Lew Farm, £88, £83 Gelston Castle.

NCC £93 Longburgh Fauld, £84 Lythmore & Garth Farm, £83 Swinside Townfoot, £82 Carruthers.

Mule £87 Branteth, £83 Cleughbrae, £79 East Raffles.

HB £86 Smailholm Mains.

BFL £83 High Burnfoot, £80 Upper Hindhope.   

Bord Leic £80 Lythmore.


Cheviot £76 Blackburn, £73 Drumreach, £70 Colinton Mains.    

K Rough £75, £68 Gill Head.   

BF £73 Longyester & Burnhouse, £72 Gibblaston, £71 The Yett.

Lleyn £69, £65 Dallowie.

Easycare £67, £64 Godscroft, £61 Castle Farm.  

Swaledale £67 Butterdales, £65 High Burnfoot, £64 Bayldon & Spoutbank.

Herdwick £55 Crakeplace Hall & Coach & Horses, £54 Knarr, £50 Orthwaite Hall.

Goat £50 Lagalgarve.


Tex £137 Heatherglen, £117 Carruthers, £110 Northpark & Rinnion Hills.

Bel £120 The Green.

Suff £112 Marygate, £102 Knock.

Char £96 Sceugh Dyke, £95 Hallburn, £92 Streethead.

NCC £92 Carruthers.

Cheviot £84 Escart.



Light to      -------p (------p)
Standard to 305.0p (254.3p)
Medium to 283.0p (245.5p)
Heavy to 226.0p (216.1p)
Overweight to 182.0p (179.8p)

Light to 210.0p (177.1p)
Standard to 216.0p (188.1p)
Medium to 214.0p (181.4p)
Heavy to 204.0p (165.0p)

Shearlings to 202.0p (166.7p)

Light to £76.00 (£59.21)
Heavy to £160.00 (£86.56)

Rams to £137.00 (£75.62)

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