Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 8,082 sheep comprising of 3,716 prime lambs and 4,366 cast ewes & rams and 15 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

Another good entry of 15 cast cows continued to sell at recent rates although less quality on offer. Again, more required on a weekly basis to meet demand. Sale topped at 130p for a Limousin shown by Messrs Forster, The Nook, Penton, who also sold others at 119p and 118p (x2). Hereford cows sold at 115p from JM Retson & Co., Maidencots, Biggar. Top price per head of £910 from The Nook.   

A similar show of 3,716 prime lambs contained many pens of heavy lambs, which proved best to sell on the day. Many pens sold over £90 and to a top of £105 for Suffolks from HM Martindale, The Land, Ecclefechan. Best export lambs sold between 200-220p per kilo and to a top of 222p for Texel lambs shown by EJC Dean, Kirk House, Brampton. Commercial lambs mostly sold between 170-180p and hill lambs again in demand and sold to £86 for Cheviots from G Ryan, Kirkbride, Dumfries.

Overall sale average 173.4p (SQQ 173.3p) which was very competitive with other centers this week.


Tex 222p, 210p Kirk House, 207p Shop Farm.     

Belt 220p Kilnford Croft, 212p Gilside, 211p Walton Highrigg.

Suff 200p Fenwick, 182p The Bungalow & Donerenting Camp House.  

Char 181p Bidlake.     

Berr 178p Sceugh Dyke.  

Herd 174p Orthwaite Hall, 171p High Ladore.    

Chev 173p Sundhope.

Chev Mule 172p Keil, 171p Marchbank.      

Mule 170p Hollin Close, 169p The Bungalow, 168p Greensburn & Gilside.    

BF 166p Chapel.


Suff £105 The Land, £91 The Bungalow, £89 East Murkle.

Belt £100 Inamay, £88 Kilnford Croft, £86 High Greenhill.

Tex £93 Leapsrigg & The Moy, £92 Bidlake, £91 Leapsrigg.

Berr £87, £86.50 Sceugh Dyke.

Char £87 Wynholm.    

Chev £86 Kirkbride, £78.50 Fenwick.  

NCC £84 Cairnside.  

BF £80.50 Stell Green, £70 Wanwood Hill, £68 Town Shields.

Mule £79.50 Greensburn, £76.50 Hollin Close, £75 Spoutbank.  

Chev Mule £76 Southdean Lodge, £75 Chapel, £72 Marchbank.  

A larger show of 4,366 cast ewes and rams attracted another large company of buyers with trade much sharper on the week. Best Texel and Beltex again selling at a premium and to a top of £162 for Texel ewes from Heatherglen with hill ewes selling at £75 for Cheviots from WW Dunlop & Son, Commonside, Hawick. Texel rams to £120 from JR & CJ Ward, Whitstonehill, Tundergarth.

477 ewes sold over £100 to average £126.34, wit an overall average of £71.41.


Tex £162 Heatherglen, £156 Chaseside, £155 Easthill.

Belt £145 Viewley, £140 Hilltop, £139 Easthill.  

Char £135 Romesbeoch, £124 Beck, £114 Chaseside.

Suff £130 Kilnford Croft, £104 The Yett, £102 Beckfoot.

NCC £93 Dunnabie, £92 Achamore.

BFL £88 Whiteside, £84 Romesbeoch.

Mule £87 Easthill, £84 Holylee Farm Cottage, £81 Newtown.

Chev Mule £86 Wedderlie, £85, £81 Alnham, £81 Arnmannoch.    

HB £81 Earlside.

Rom £77 Burnfoothill.


Chev £75 Commonside, £73 Branxholm Braes, £71 Mount Benger.

BF £71 Lanehead, £66 Whiteside, £61 Roughet Hill & Upperburnmouth.

Swale £59 Hollin Close, £55 Barker House.     

KR £59 Roughtor Farm.

EC £56, £54 East Tullyfergus.


Tex £120, £113 Whitstonehill, £107 Kilnhill.  

Chev £104 Catslackburn.

Belt £97 Easthill.  



Light to           196.9p (166.8p)
Standard to      212.1p (187.3p)
Medium to      222.5p (179.6p)
Heavy to         192.0p (170.5p)
Overweight to 188.7p (159.5p)

Light to    £75.00 (£44.21)
Heavy to  £162.00 (£80.84)

Rams £120.00 (£71.09)

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