Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,865 sheep comprising of 4,674 prime hoggs and 2,191 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 23rd January 2020.

Cast cows sold to 125p for a Limousin shown by Messrs Baxter, Moss Side, Hethersgill, who also sold Charolais cows to 114p. Simmentals to 119p from J Pattie, Butterdales, Annan. Top price per head of £975 from Moss Side.

Another good show of 4,674 hoggs easily maintained the high rates of previous, overall average 210.1p (SQQ 213.9p).

Best export Texel and Beltex hoggs were the trade selling to a top of 330p for Beltex hoggs from J Watson & Co., Bowsden Moor, Berwick. Commercial hoggs sold between 210-230p per kilo.

Heavy hoggs again good to sell with the majority selling at £112 plus and to a top of £132 for Beltex hoggs from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries.

Light hoggs again a strong trade selling to £86 for 26kg Beltex hoggs again from Bowsden Moor.


Beltex 330p Bowsden Moor, 300p Gelston Castle, 295p Lurgan, 294p Hill Cottage.  

Texel 240p Kirkbride, 238p The Side, 234p Pouton, 233p Hallburn.  

Herdwick 227p, 221p 218p Alfornaught, 213p Longrow.   

Suffolk 225p Schoolfield, 222p Whins, 221p Green View, 220p Langholm.

Mule 225p Fala Hill, 222p High Crubasdale, 217p Low Tirfergus, 214p Saddell Home Farm.

Cheviot 221p High Crubasdale, 219p Mid Harrietsfield & Catslackburn, 218p Wedderlie.

Charollais 221p Gelston Castle & Green View, 214p Saddell Home Farm.

Rouge 218p High Hall.

Blackface 216p Craighead & Mid Harrietsfield, 215p Glendearg, 214p Uppercleuch.    

North Country Cheviot 212p, 209p Grindon Hill, 209p Porteath, 200p Newton Cottage & Whiteknowe.    

Easycare 205p Glenlea.    

Cheviot Mule 203p Fala Hill, 197p Catslackburn.

Lleyn 203p Glendiven Cottage, 202p, 200p Meikle Richorn.

Lonk 201p Glendiven Cottage.

Swaledale 191p Westernhopeburn.   


Beltex £132 Kilnford Croft, £123 Gelston Castle, £119 Newton Cottage & Bowsden Moor.  

Texel £125 Silloans & Kilnford Croft, £123 Whiteside, £121 Priory Nook, £120 Hill Cottage.

Rouge £116 High Hall.  

Suffolk £109, £106.50 Dunjop, £105.50 Scrabster House, £104 The Keep.  

Easycare £109, £100 Coxhill.

North Country Cheviot £106, £104 Whiteknowe, £100, £99 Newton Cottage.

Border Leicester £105 Whiteside, £95 Lawesknowe & Silloans.

Mule £104 Dunjop, £100 Chirdon, £99 Dunjop, £98.50 Lawston.

Charollais £103 Sceugh Dyke, £101 Saddell Home Farm.

Cheviot Mule £102.50 Catslackburn, £99.50, £94 Scrabster House.  

Blackface £99.50, £97 Glendearg, £96 West Scales.

Herdwick £94, £91.50 Allfornaught.  

Cheviot £91.50 Glendiven Cottage, £90 Mount Benger, £88 Glendiven Cottage.    

The 2,191 cast ewes and rams were a similar entry on the week. Trade again very similar from the large company of buyers in attendance. Many more ewes could easily have been sold. 538 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £118.03.

Heavy ewes to £180 for Texels shown by CJ Anderson, Nether Stenries, Dumfries. Hill ewes to £79 for Blackface ewes from R & WD & SR Charlton, Whiteside, Haltwhistle and DA & MA Teasdale, Grindon Hill, Hexham with Swaledale ewes also selling to £79 from JG Wall & Sons, Westernhopeburn, Bishop Auckland.

A large show of rams sold very dear and to a top of £140 for Texels shown by J & J Campbell, Wedderlie, Borders.


Texel £180 Nether Stenries, £173 Wester Raddery, £171 Bowsden Moor, Fineview & Crookholm.

Charollais £136 Barron Road.

Beltex £127 Bowsden Moor, £126 Thirlwall Castle, £122 Tercrosset.

Suffolk £126 Rumbleton Rig, £125 Gospel Hall, £120 Bowsden Moor.

North Country Cheviot £119, £117, £111, £110 Nether Stenries.

Bluefaced Leicester £111 Leithanhall, £110 Barnshangan, £102 Leithanhall, £100 Croft Road & Spoutbank.

Zwartble £110 Thorns, £100 Bowsden Moor.

Mule £104 Grindon Hill, £103 Third Farm, £98 High Glen Triplock.

Cheviot Mule £96 Outertown, £95 High Glen Triplock.

Lleyn £96 South Bowerhouses.


Blackface £79 Whiteside & Grindon Hill, £76 Muirhead, Lawston & Bankend, £75 Craigton Dairy House.

Swaledale £79 Westernhopeburn, £77 Farlam Hill, £76 Gallowberry.  

Cheviot £78 Whitchesters, £75 Terrona, £74 Auchlin, £70 Wedderlie.

Herdwick £65 Moorfoot Cottage, £62 Farlam Hill.

Goat £62 Westhills, £61 Friar Hill.


Texel £140 Wedderlie, £116 Braehead & Spoutbank, £115 Thornington.

Bluefaced Leicester £139 Brownleazes, £131 Roachburn, £127 Marygate.

Suffolk £136 Mid Upper Priestside.  

Cheviot £118 Wedderlie, £104 Glendiven Cottage.

Charollais £114 Barron Road, £106 Firth.

North Country Cheviot £111 Gospel Hall, £100 Whiteknowe.

Roussin £100 Gelston Castle.

Hampshire £100 Coxhill.

Blackface £87 Peel, £85 Silloans & Glendiven Cottage, £84 Peel.



Light to           330.8p (198.0p) 
Standard to    300.0p (215.2p) 
Medium to      292.9p (215.5p) 
Heavy to         240.8p (200.4p)

Light to           £79.00 (£57.19) 
Heavy to         £180.00 (£96.79)

Rams             £140.00 (£84.15)

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