Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,079 sheep comprising of 3,155 prime hoggs, 373 prime lambs and 2,551 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 21st May 2020.

Another good entry of cast cows continued to sell at recent high rates to a busy ringside of buyers. More required on a weekly basis to fulfil demand. The sale topped at 169p for a Simmental from Elaine Wilkie, Shaw Cottage, Lockerbie, with others to 137p and 128p from J Pattie, Butterdales, Eastriggs. Shorthorns sold to 127p from Waterhead of Dryfe, Lockerbie with Angus cows selling at 125p from Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm, Langholm who also sold Limousins at 121p. Top price per head of £962 for Angus cows from Potholm.

A smaller entry of prime hoggs forward sold to the same ring of competitive buyers. The sale topped at 255p for Beltex hoggs from JM Wharton & Son, Snade, Dunscore with top price per head of £128 for Texel hoggs shown by A & D Bell, Mossband Hall, Longtown.

Overall average 190.5p (SQQ 191.8p).

For further advice on marketing your livestock in these difficult times please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers:

John Walton 07880527066

Nick Woodmass 07584200489

Sam Hogg 07584207323


Beltex 255p, 246p Snade, 238p Hobbiesburn, 235p Breckon Hill, 232p Walkerdyke.    

Texel 253p Broomhills, 246p Kirtleton House, 243p Watch Currock, 241p Hill House, 240p Watch Currock & Breckon Hill.  

Cheviot 228p, 225p Plumpe, 221p Sykehead, 216p Granton, 211p Plumpe & Girnwood.  

Mule 216p Westhills, 208p Rowanburnfoot, 205p Hayclose.  

Suffolk 215p Breckon Hill, 211p Plumpe, Sceugh Dyke & Cocklet Hill, 208p Green View.   

Herdwick 215p Orthwaite Hall.

Charollais 214p Cocklet Hill.  

Blackface 213p Sykehead, 200p Plumpe, 195p Sykehead, 194p Mount Pleasant.

Cheviot Mule 210p Westhills, 200p Ewart Drive.  

Swaledale 206p Sykehead.   

Easycare 195p Castle Farm.    


Texel £128 Mossband Hall, £123 Kirtleton House, £122 Rowanburnfoot, £121 Kirtleton House, £120 Lairdlaugh.

Beltex £111 Snade, £110 Westhills, £106 Drumcairn, £100 Snade, Hobbiesburn, Walkerdyke & Drumcairn.  

Suffolk £104.50 Kirtleton House, £104 Green View, £100 Walkerdyke, Smerral, Green View, Kirtleton House, Shield Green & Ewart Drive.  

Mule £104 Westhills, £103 Butterdales, £98 Watch Currock, £96 Rowanburnfoot.

Cheviot £104 Granton, £101 Girnwood, £99 East Deloraine, £94 Bidlake & Crosscleugh.

Cheviot Mule £101 Westhills.   

North Country Cheviot £100 East Deloraine.

Charollais £100 Bidlake.

Swaledale £97 Sykehead.

Blackface £93 Mount Pleasant.  

Easycare £92 Castle Farm.    

A larger show of 373 spring lambs were forward and sold to 291p for Texel lambs from N Brown, Kepple Vale, Irthington with top price per head of £120 for Suffolks from H Martindale, The Land, Ecclefechan.

Light lambs weighing 35kg – 38kg selling to a premium and short of purchaser demand. Please don’t hesitate to contact our auctioneers for advice on marketing your new season spring lamb.

Overall average 244.7p (SQQ 249.7p)


Texel 291p Kepple Vale, 288p Longburgh Fauld, 286p Marygate & Airds of Balcary, 284p Croft House, 280p Maidencots & Kilnford Croft.

Suffolk 284p Leapsrigg, 283p Low Hallburn, 266p Leapsrigg, 250p Colinton Mains Drive.    

Rouge 244p Crawfordhall.

Charollais 226p Leapsrigg, 221p Lowfield House.

Zwartble 219p Croft Head Terrace.

Dorset 218p Lowfield House.    


Suffolk £120 The Land, £113 Low Hallburn, £111, £110 The Land, £110 Underwood.

Texel £115 Marygate, Kilnford Croft & Kimmeter Green, £114 Guardsmill, £112 Kilnford Croft & Bridgestone.

Rouge £110 Crawfordhall.

Charollais £104 Leapsrigg, £102 Lowfield House.

Zwartble £103 Croft Head Terrace.  

A similar show of 2,551 ewes was forward to the usual buyers. Topping the sale at £150 for Texel ewes from Beckfoot with hill ewes selling at £82 for Cheviot ewes shown by P Mackenzie, South Laggan, Inverness. Rams sold to £122 for Texels from GW Young & Sons, Flex, Hawick.


Texel £150, £147, £142 Beckfoot, £140 Sanderson House, £138 Beckfoot.

Beltex £140 Easter Ochtermuthill, £130 Uppercleuch, £124 Bridgestone, £120 Fearn.   

Bleu du Maine £120 Sanderson House.

Charollais £118 Beckfoot, £107 Viewley, £107, £100 High Harbour.  

Rouge £114, £104 Crawfordhall.

Suffolk £110 The Land, £109 Beckfoot, £102 High Harbour & Lintibert, £101 Kilnford Croft, £100 Hepplehill.     

Roussin £96 Coxhill.

Mule £89 Woodhead, £77 Laverockbank, £75 Longburgh Fauld & Mill Farm.

Half-Bred £87, £86 Smailholm Mains.  

Cheviot Mule £86 Kilnford Croft, £83 Maidencots, £80 Outertown & Kilnford Croft.  

North Country Cheviot £85 Whitton, £81 Cumcrook.     

Zwartble £83 Maidencots, £80 Croft Head Terrace.


Cheviot £82 South Laggan, £73 Cassington & Commonside, £65 Crossdykes.     

Swaledale £66 Whitton, £62 Hepplehill, £59 West Foreshield.  

Blackface £65 Collin Bank, £62 Brackenthwaite, £61 Barnshangan, £60 Bidlake.

Kerry Hill £57 High Harbour.  

Herdwick £53 Cardewlees, £51 New Kennels & Orthwaite Hall.  

Easycare £50 Castle Farm, Durdar & The Wreay.


Texel £122 Flex.   

Suffolk £114 Smailholm Mains.  

Bluefaced Leicester £96 Thirwell Castle.  

Charollais £92 Golden Lane.

Roussin £90 Coxhill.  

Cheviot £84 Crossdykes.



Light to           206.7p (174.0p) 
Standard to      255.3p (189.4p) 
Medium to      253.7p (203.1p) 
Heavy to         231.9p (187.5p)

Shearlings to   243.2p (154.3p)

Light to           -------p (-------p)
Standard to      291.7p (280.9p)
Medium to      283.0p (253.0p) 
Heavy to         244.7p (228.4p)
Overweight to    157.1p (157.1p) 

Light to           £82.00   (£54.19) 
Heavy to         £150.00 (£84.65)

Rams to       £122.00 (£80.90)

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