Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,818 sheep comprising of 2,303 prime lambs and 4,515 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 9th July 2020.

Another pleasing entry of cast cows saw all classes continue to sell at recent high rates, with more numbers required on a weekly basis to meet buyers requirements. The sale topped at 143p for an Angus cow shown by Messrs McKerrow, Darlawhills, Lockerbie, who sold others at 136p. Simmental cows sold to 140p from L Clark, Escart, Tarbert with Friesians to 126p from CT & J Wigham, Hethermill, Kirklinton.

Top price per head of £1073 for a Beef Shorthorn from Escart, who also sold Simmentals at £1022. South Devons topped at £1000 from W Jones, High Bellochantuy, Campbeltown.

A similar entry of 2,303 prime lambs sold to the usual ringside of buyers, with heavy lambs again being the trade of the week as well as best quality lambs. Overall average 225.6p (SQQ 224.8p), exceeding most centres at the end of the week.

The sale topped at 279p for a fantastic pen of Beltex lambs consigned by TR & EA Milburn & Son, Wallend, Carlisle with top price per head of £132 for Charollais lambs from R Sandison, Smerral, Caithness.

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Beltex 279p, 273p Wallend, 273p Carran, 272p, 268p The Green, 267p Thornthwaite Close.

Texel 276p, 270p, 263p, 259p High Aketon, 258p Arkleby House.    

Charollais 250p Maryholm, 241p Moss Side.

Suffolk 240p Halmyre, 238p Evening Hill, 236p Barnglies, 235p Marchbank, Wallend & Staffler.        

Hampshire 233p, 230p Barnglies.

Berrichon 232p, 231p Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot 229p Allanshaws, 223p, 222p Riggshield.

Mule 226p Roughet Hill, 224p Allfornaught, 223p Edges Green.

Oxford 221p Guards.     

Cheviot Mule 219p Hill House.   


Charollais £132 Smerral.

Texel £130 Baurch, £128 The Green, £126 Netherhill, £125 Allfornaught, £123 Barnglies.

Beltex £125 Evening Hill, £121 The Green, £118 Rhoin, £115 Carran.

Suffolk £124 Staffler, £120 Burnfoot, £115 Grindon Hill, £111.50 Netherhill, £111 Barnglies & West


Mule £120 Roughet Hill.    

Cheviot £108 Allanshaws, £103 Riggshield.

Berrichon £106.50, £104 Sceugh Dyke.  

Hampshire £106, £105 Barnglies.

Oxford £104 Guards.  

An increased entry of 4,515 cast ewes again sold to the usual ringside of purchasers all eager for supplies before the festival of Eid at the end of July. Over fat ewes would be dearer on the week and with more horned ewes coming onto the market, these would be cheaper

Texel ewes sold to a top of £162 from J Runciman & Sons, Allanshaws, Galashiels with hill ewes selling at £83 for Blackface ewes from S & J Fisher, Glendiven Cottage, Ewes. Rams sold to £138 for Texels from CD Scott, Falla, Jedburgh.  

All classes of ewes are in big demand at here at Longtown and can be sold to vendors advantage.


Texel £162 Allanshaws, £154 Viewley, £152 Mount Pleasant, £150 Allanshaws & Beckfoot.  

Beltex £142 Yatesfield, £134 Foxburrow Farm.

Charollais £118 Dashwell Green, £115 Beckfoot, £114 Viewley.

Suffolk £116 Smerral, £115 Shaw Cottage, £114 Mount Pleasant, £112 Crumhaughhill & Sorrowlessfield Mains.

Bleu du Maine £112 Blackadder Mains, £111 Hill House.

Cheviot Mule £106 Mid Farm, £100 East House, £99 Muircleugh, £98 Netherhill.    

North Country Cheviot £104 West Millhills, £97 Allanshaws, £96 West Millhills.            

Bluefaced Leicester £102 Allanshaws.  

Mule £96 Shawhill, £93 Aspatria Hall, £92 Balgray Hill, £91 Aspatria Hall, Mill Farm & Sceugh Dyke.  


Blackface £83, £80 Glendiven Cottage, £81 Shitlington Hall, £77 Yatesfield, £75 Cloggers Cottage.   

Cheviot £81 Glendiven Cottage, £74 Mid Farm & Fearn, £73 Stonehouse.  

Swaledale £79 Whitton, £77 Marygate.   

Kerry Hill £72 Coxhill.

Shetland £71 Coxhill.


Texel £138 Falla, £136 Allanshaws, £132 Georgefield, £126 Muircleugh, £122 Butterdales.

Suffolk £124 Barnglies, £118, £116 Falla.

Charollais £124 Butterdales.

Bluefaced Leicester £118 Nunscleugh, £114 Knarr, £110 Whitton.  

Hampshire £118 Barnglies.       

Zwartble £114 Barnglies.

Beltex £104 Chaseside.    

North Country Cheviot £96 Allanshaws.  

Swaledale £91 Whitton.   


Light to           254.8p (219.7p)
Standard to      279.0p (222.3p)
Medium to      273.8p (226.6p) 
Heavy to         258.7p (233.8p)
Overweight to   228.6p (217.8p) 

Light to           £83.00   (£46.99) 
Heavy to         £162.00 (£88.21)

Rams   to       £138.00 (£97.96)

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