Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 5,979 sheep comprising of 2,148 prime lambs and 3,831 cast ewes & rams and 27 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 23rd July 2020.

An improved entry for both quality and quantity, saw all classes in demand, meeting a flying trade from a competitive ring of buyers. More numbers required on a weekly basis to fulfil demand. The sale topped at 170p for a great Limousin cow shown by RJ Lines, Killocraw, Campbeltown, which also achieved top per head of £1045. Angus cows sold to £968 from TN Cavers & Co., Sorbie, Langholm.


Limousin 170p, 134p Killocraw, British Blue 141p Hopestead, 125p Killervan 121p Hallburn Croft, Shorthorn 138p Waterhead of Dryfe, Simmental 130p Waterhead of Dryfe, Angus 123p Sorbie & Darlawhills.


Limousin £1045 Killocraw, Angus £968 Sorbie, £897 Darlawhills, Galloway £940 Unthank, £912 Roan, Shorthorn £848 Waterhead of Dryfe, £779 Pilmuir, Simmental £767 Waterhead of Dryfe, British Blue £738 Hallburn Croft, Hereford £715 Kilnhill.

A smaller entry of 2,148 prime lambs due to the weather, sold beyond seller’s expectations with Longtown again realising the trade of the week. All weights in great demand.

The sale topped at 270p and 269p for Beltex lambs shown by H Blackwood, Maidencots, Biggar with top price per head of £129 for Texel lambs from AR Bell & Son, Kirkton, Hawick.

Overall average 222.8p (SQQ 224.2p)

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Beltex 270p, 269p Maidencots, 261p Kilnford Croft, 260p Linnhead.

Texel 260p Merkland, 256p Ashton, 250p Foxglove & Harene, 248p Whitehall, 245p Middle.      

Suffolk 236p High Cattadale, 233p Newbiggin, 232p Kilnford Croft, 230p High Wreay.

Charollais 229p Romanway, 222p Keil, 220p Carruthers.   

Cheviot 226p Carruthers, 219p Drumyeonmore, 213p Cowburn.

Herdwick 225p Clea Hall.   

Cheviot Mule 221p East Redfordgreen.  

Mule 217p Rhoin, 213p Rowanburnfoot.

Blackface 212p Cowburn, 209p Davdell.     

Oxford 210p Guards.     


Texel £129, £127 Kirkton, £120 Kirtlevale & Upper Huntley Wood, £115 Lanehead & Crumhaughhill.  

Suffolk £128 Newbiggin, £122 Priesthaugh & Crumhaughhill, £116 Merkland.

Charollais £125 Windy Hill, £100 Hunderlee House, £92.50 Carruthers, £92 Moss Side.   

Beltex £123, £119 Kilnford Croft, £117 Merkland, £113.50 Arnmannoch.

Cheviot £105 Drumyeonmore, £97 Carruthers.

Cheviot Mule £98.50 Fenwick, £90.50 East Redfordgreen.  

Mule £95.50, £87.50 Rowanburnfoot, £87 Rhoin.   

A smaller entry of 3,831 cast ewes sold again to the usual ringside of buyers, with overfat ewes being dearer on the week and horned ewes selling well beyond expectations.

Texel ewes sold to a top of £160 from J Carins, Rouchester, Wark and RS Mackay, Morven, Rothbury with hill ewes selling at £73 for Cheviot ewes from RW & SD Flintoff, Sourhope, Yetholm. Rams sold to £158 for Suffolks from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries.    

All classes of ewes are in big demand at here at Longtown and can be sold to vendors advantage.


Texel £160 Rouchester & Morven, £149 Heathery Knowe, £145 Beckfoot, £142 Glenart.  

Suffolk £140 Faugh Beeches, £121 Kilnford Croft, £112 Whins & Blackheddon, £110 Howgillside.

Beltex £126 Huntington.   

Cheviot Mule £120, £98, £91 Stonewalls.

Charollais £112 Lesson Hall, £108 Maidencots, £102 Cambeckhill, £101 Hunderlee House.  

Bleu du Maine £102 Rascarrel.

Mule £98 Stonewalls, £97 Beckhall, £96 Greenend, £95 Castletown, £94 Linkshead & Faugh Beeches.

Bluefaced Leicester £97 Morven, £90 Burgh Head.

North Country Cheviot £88 Grange, £85 Burnside, £84 Marchbank, £83 Morven.


Cheviot £73 Sourhope, £72 Beoch, £68 Kirkton, £66 Viewley.

Blackface £70 Unthank, £69 Hott, Drumreach & Woodhall, £66 Viewley.  

Easycare £65 Coxhill.   

Swaledale £64 High Dunashery, £60 Broadmea.  

Beulah £63 The Hollies.


Suffolk £158 Kilnford Croft.  

Texel £148 Becks, £124 Unthank & Glenart, £120 Achamore.

Charollais £148, £144 Hunderlee House.   

Roussin £107 Coxhill.     

Cheviot £100 Burnfoot of Ewes & Priesthaugh, £95 Fenwick.  


Light to           241.0p (225.7p)

Standard to      269.4p (224.6p)

Medium to      270.0p (223.9p) 

Heavy to         241.3p (214.2p)

Overweight to      228.6p (194.2p) 

Light to           £73.00   (£41.02) 
Heavy to         £160.00 (£79.84)

Rams  to            £158.00 (£104.05)


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