Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 9,387 sheep comprising of 4,936 prime lambs and 4,451 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th September 2020.

An improved entry of cast cows saw all classes remain in demand with more numbers required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at 158p for an Angus shown by M Baxter, Kilnhill, Gilsland with other Angus cows selling at £1,122 from Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm, Langholm.

A larger show of 5,036 prime lambs forward. A national increase in the number of lambs forward meant prime lambs were easier on last weeks very high rates of return. For all the lambs were slightly easier they are running at 45ppk or £18-£20 in front of the same day last year. Well finished/fed lambs were still wanted with leaner grassy types proved harder to cash. Again prducers are urged to sell store lambs in the store market here on a tuesday to receive a premium

Topping the sale at 285p was a tremendous Beltex lamb from A Williamson, Dykehead, Penton.

Top price per head of £129 for Texel lambs from RF Forster, Pates Hill, Irthington.

Overall average of 201.2p (SQQ 201.2p)

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Beltex 285p, 277p Dykehead, 277p Crawthat, 272p Chapel House, 271p Balliemore.  

Texel 248p Swallows Barn, 239p, 237p Oaklands, 239p Baitlaws, 236p Byers, 235p Crumhaughhill, 234p Guardsmill, 233p West Millhills, 231p Swallows Barn, 230p Crumhaughhill.

Cheviot 213p Baitlaws, 211p Bloch, 210p Oaklands, 206p Kilberry Home & Bloch, 205p Westerhall.  

Suffolk 209p Swaites & Crumhaughhill, 208p Ingleston, 204p New Hummerbecks, 202p Frankstown & Archerbeck, 201p Guardsmill & Midtown, 200p Frankstown.  

Blackface 208p Garvilland, 207p Gibblaston, 203p Ruighe Beag, 200p Maidencots.

Charollais 207p Nether Locharwoods, 203p Kirndean & Cleongart, 202p Archerbeck, 200p Thackwood.  

Herdwick 205p, 200p Clea Hall.    

Cheviot Mule 200p Brisco Meadows, 196p Low Eals, 194p West Millhills.  

Mule 200p Balliemore, 198p Burnfoot, Kirkton of Crawford & Albierigg, 196p Upperburnmouth & Paddockhole, 195p Upperburnmouth, Kirkton of Crawford & Kilberry Home.


Texel £129 Pates Hill, £123 Craigdhu, £121 Pates Hill, £117 Highbank Park & Swallows Barn.    

Beltex £125, £122 Crawthat, £120 Dykehead, £115 Gallowberry, £114 Balliemore, £113 High Mossthorn, £112 The Ash.

Suffolk £110 Cowburnrigg, £109 Guardsmill, £107 Archerbeck, £106.50 Crumhaughhill, £106

Grindon Hill.  

Cheviot £101.50, £93 Kilberry Home.  

Mule £101 Kirkton of Crawford, £100 Grindon Hill & Hole Farm, £99.50 Kilberry Home, £99, £93.50 Kirkton of Crawford, £93 Albierigg.  

Charollais £100 Thackwood, £93.50, £91 Archerbeck.  

Hampshire £89 Barnglies.

Cheviot Mule £88 Brisco Meadows, £87 Kirkbride, £86 Marwhirn, £85 Main Street.

Blackface £81 Peela Hill.     

Another large entry of 4,451 ewes forward consisting of mainly hill bred ewes. Ewes again sold to a very competitive ring of purchasers ensuring all classes maintained last weeks high rates of  return.

Topping the sale was a pen of pure bred Texel ewes which sold at £176 from M Watson, Four O Boot, Carlisle with hill ewes topping at £90 for Blackface ewes from Tayvallich Estate, Argyll.

Cast rams again sold to blistering rates topping at £195 for Charollais from R Whittaker, Hundalee House, Jedburgh.    


Texel £176 Four O Boot, £158 Hillhouse, £154, £152 Four O Boot, £152, £148 Firth, £146 Heathery Hall.  

Beltex £138, £122 Hillhouse, £118 Sorbie, Hensol & Mains of Balhall, £117 Dykehead.        

Bluefaced Leicester £116 Peela Hill, £110 Nunscleugh.

Charollais £114 Claycrop, £112 Hundalee House, £107 Heathery Hall, £104 Beckfoot.   

Suffolk £108 Demesne, £107, £106 Claycrop, £100 Cavers Lea, £98 Rottington Hall.

Mule £97 Meinbank, £92 Moorhills, £90 Becton Hall Bar, £89 Peela Hill, £88 Four O Boot, £87 Rottington Hall.         

Cheviot Mule £92 Kinninghall, £89 Stonehouse, £84 Falnash, £83 Glenmaid.  

North Country Cheviot £92 Falnash, Purdomstone & Little Galla.   


Blackface £90 Tayvallich Estate, £78 Littlegill, £73 Tinnis & Peela Hill.  

Cheviot £82 Arkleton, £80 Unthank, £78 Commonside, £77 Becks, £76 Falnash, £75 Cadgillhead.

Easycare £67, £62 Cleongart.  

Swaledale £61 Nunscleugh.  


Charollais £195 Hundalee House, £135 Thackwood.

Texel £180 Unthank, £140 Beckfoot, £138 Chesters Brae.  

North Country Cheviot £145 Swinside Townfoot.

Bluefaced Leicester £134, £118 Swinside Townfoot.  

Oxford £120 Guards.

Suffolk £112 Guards, £106 Fenwick.   

Cheviot £100 Garvilland, £96 Fenwick, £91 Burnfoot of Ewes.   

Romney £100 Burnfoot of Ewes.   

Blackface £98 Tinnis, £94 Littlegill.


Light to           204.8p (185.5p)
Standard to      272.7p (204.8p)
Medium to      285.7p (201.2p) 
Heavy to         265.2p (201.3p)
Overweight to             212.0p (200.7p) 

Light to           £90.00   (£50.50) 
Heavy to         £176.00 (£80.70)

Rams   to    £195.00 (£93.10)


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